Is Patty Mayo An Officer Or Bounty Hunter? Details On His Earnings And Net Worth

Patty Mayo
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Is Patty Mayo an officer or bounty hunter? Patty makes content on YouTube and posts various videos there.

He became a well-known American businessman thanks to his bounty-hunting television show, “Southland Bounty Hunters,” which he began in 2017.

He said he was a “bounty hunter” whose job was to catch “fugitives from justice” or take assets that were offered as bail security.

On YouTube, he has a crazy 10.4 million subscribers, and on Instagram, he has more than 340k followers. It makes sense that he has a sizable online fan base.

Due to the popularity of “Southland Bounty Hunters” and the realism of the videos, many people have questioned whether Mayo is a real bounty hunter.

Is Patty Mayo An Officer?

Patty Mayo is not a law enforcement official and is not connected to an Oregon sheriff’s office. In his films, Patty is a costumed character who sports a sheriff’s suit and badge.

He was made famous by the Bounty Hunter television series. Even though his videos lack film credits or a warning stating that the show is fake, the entire series has been scripted.

He first appeared in California as a bounty hunter before transitioning into the role of deputy sheriff. In the video, he is seen driving a car with emergency lights and sirens, holding what looks like a Taser and a weapon, and donning a full costume.

Mayo and his crew make their movies by pretending to be police officers from the made-up DBSO sheriff’s office in Oregon’s Deschutes Country.

Despite this, many reviewers analyse the events as if they actually occurred. There is no evidence that the movies were fiction.

The YouTuber routinely works with law enforcement in every way he can, but he never planned to pose as a real bounty hunter.

Oregon sheriffs assert that Mayo is an actor and that his attire is a costume. He only works with hired actors or production team members for his movies.

During a meeting, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office told Mayo that filming in public places needs proper security, permits, and road closures.

He and other performers have gotten strong instructions from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office not to wear their costumes in public and voiced their worry.

He did this by running YouTube advertisements, despite the fact that actual police officers are not allowed to make money from their online activities.

Additionally, he promotes purchasing goods like t-shirts, patches, hats, wallets, and bags.

Is Patty Mayo A Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter tracks down and captures criminals who have evaded the law or jumped bail.

The majority of bounty hunters have long careers in law enforcement. Many have experience as private investigators or police officers and rely on their connections in the field and prior job.

In his YouTube series, Patty portrays a bounty hunter by catching bail jumpers or recovering items used as security to post bond. But he’s not really a bounty hunter.

The internet sensation is not breaking any laws, and there is no proof that he has identified himself as a police officer in public, claims Bno News.

Additionally, team members can be identified by the word “FILM CREW” on their bright yellow vests.

His YouTube channel has been steadily expanding, and his films have received 300 million views on YouTube alone.

Similar to this, his less often updated Facebook profile boasts 40 million views of his films and calls himself a “comedian.”

How Much Money Does Patty Mayo Make? His Earnings And Net Worth

Patty’s net worth is around $5 million. Over 10.4 million people subscribe to him, and his videos have had over 1 billion views.

This has reportedly brought in an estimated $78,700 a month, according to Sociablblade. His films generate an average annual income of $944.7k.

Additionally, he has had Leo Green’s backing from the beginning, a firm he ostensibly considers as essential to making the transition from comic films to more serious ones.

In addition, he occasionally receives equipment donations from firms like EvoGimbals in exchange for small sponsorship payments.

The energy drink manufacturer Bang has also frequently sponsored the YouTuber. Instead of a bounty hunter, he first rose to prominence on the website YouTube as a poster for spoof movies.

In 2013, he began his YouTube channel journey by making several humorous films that showed his engagement in the responsibilities of a Fugitive Recovery Agent.

Later in 2017, he made cameos in films about catching fugitives, arresting bond breakers, and reclaiming property, which significantly increased his popularity.

He collaborated with another YouTuber, Bounty Hunter D. Together; they started creating incredibly perilous bounty-hunting scenarios, which resulted in some genuinely exciting videos.

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