Is Channel 4 Meteorologist Brandon Roux Leaving? Details On His Wife, Family And Career

Brandon Roux
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Is Brandon Roux leaving Channel 4? No, Brandon Roux won’t be leaving Local 4 WDIV in Detroit.

Although Brandon now calls Detroit, Michigan home, he was born and raised in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Roux graduated from Mississippi State University in 2006.

He worked as a broadcast meteorologist for Columbus, Ohio’s WBNS-TV. Later, he stopped by the TV stations WFTC in Minnesota, KTNV in Las Vegas, and KIVI in Idaho.

He also says that he has worked in every time zone and temperature, from Las Vegas’s desert to the Twin Cities tundra.

As a diabetic patient, he actively participates in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She works with the Michigan branch of the American Diabetes Association and proudly advocates for the disease and is committed to finding a cure.

Additionally, he has earned the endorsement of the American Meteorological Society. He received the press award in 2009 for superior weather operations.

Is WDIV Meteorologist Brandon Roux Leaving Channel 4? His Career Info

Brandon Roux won’t be leaving Channel 4 any time soon. He has been working at Channel 4 since 2010.

The primary source of the report is that he has Type 1 Diabetes and will be concerned about his health in 2021.

The weather map, according to Mibuzzboard, was visible when he was working from home, but he was not present on the screen.

Rhonda Walker entered and announced that he was having some technical issues after a little silence.

Ten minutes later, they return to him, and he is holding some juice. According to him, he passed out and would have died if his child had not seen him.

This led some to speculate that he might leave his position soon, but a close insider has confirmed that he won’t be doing so anytime soon.

He moved to the area around Detroit and knew right away that he had made the right choice. He works as the weatherman for Local 4 News from 4:30 am to 7:00 am and once more at lunchtime.

He writes on weather-related events, including storm damage and the Dexter Tornado.

In addition to weather forecasting, he has conducted interviews, including one with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford about his commitment to the urgent need for increased youth fitness.

While Michigan is the perfect place for him and his favorite time of year, winter, the wide-ranging affects of the viewing region make important weather forecasting more difficult.

Brandon Roux Wife, Children And Family

Antonietta Pennella Roux and Brandon Roux have been married for fifteen years.

Together, they are parents to a boy and a girl. His daughter, Ginna, who is now 17 years old, goes by that name. His son, Christian, is currently 22 years old.

2014 saw Brandon post on Facebook that his son shares the same type 1 diabetes as him. When it comes to talking about his love relationships, he is very reserved and guarded.

He didn’t even mention his wife’s name at first. He can tell on Facebook that the family likes to go to the beach and play football.

household Brandon Roux

The parents of Brandon Roux were Gloria and Frank Roux. His father was a Marine Corps Major who served in Vietnam.

He continued by saying that his father enjoyed making up fantastical stories about his business and service, and the two of them had visited Vietnam in 1993.

While working a full-time job, his mother used to babysit children. His two elder sisters, Kendra and Allison Roux, were his playmates when they were little.

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