Details On Hamburg Shooting And Its Suspect Phillip F Arrest

Hamburg Shooting

Eight people died in the Hamburg Shooting, and many people are unsure of the whereabouts of the culprit, Phillip F.

The incident at a Jehovah’s Witness facility took place on Thursday at about 9 p.m. local time, according to the local media (20:00 GMT). Authorities say they are still looking into what motivated the incident.

In Hamburg, Germany, a shooting spree left eight people dead and several others seriously injured, according to the police. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz calls the incident “a horrific act of violence” and expresses sympathy for the victims.

Hamburg Shooting: Suspect Phillip F Arrest Details

Yet, no information regarding Phillip F.’s arrest has been made public due to the sensitivity of the matter. The suspect can be seen on the footage standing close to a window while holding an object, from which flashes can be made out in the darkness.

In the video MailOnline acquired, shots can also be heard reverberating around the built-up region. The suspect begins to fire on the structure during one of the many bursts of gunfire, the sound of fifteen shots fired constantly can be heard.

About seven local time, the dead arrived at a bible study at the Jehovah’s Witness church. According to reports, the assault began around 9 p.m. two hours later, and the police arrived approximately fifteen minutes afterwards.

Details On Hamburg Shooting

Officers found dead and injured persons on the ground level where an event was taking place when they got at the scene of the call, according to Hamburg Police spokesman Holger Vehren.

The Officers arrived at the scene after hearing a gunfire on the top floor, where they also found a dead. Police believe the shooter may have been responsible, but a spokesperson stated no further details could be made public at this time.

Video of the incident showed several armed Police officers inside and surrounding the Kingdom Hall as a chopper flew over. A bomb-disposal team was once dispatched.

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