Grlwood Controversy, Lead Singer Rej Forester Bio, And Musical Career

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Fans of the scream pop group Grlwood are curious about what has transpired after the controversy and what they are up to today.

A two-piece queerdo group from Kentucky is called GRLwood. ScreamPop is another name for their band. The band plays indie rock, queercore, and riot grrrl-influenced music.

The Louisville, Kentucky-born American indie rock band was founded in August 2017. GRLwood soon gained a considerable fanbase after debuting in Louisville’s music scene.

They are renowned for being an independent band, and in June 2018, sonaBLAST! Records released their self-titled debut album.

Grlwood Controversy: What Actually Happened?

At the height of their fame, the lead singer of the scream pop band was charged with raping the drummer.

The drummer posted her admission to Instagram on both her personal and the band’s accounts.

After that, the singer responded to the allegations in a blog post, claiming that while they had a sexual connection in the past, she never forced herself on the singer.

Forester would always ask for the other band member’s vocal agreement due of her past experience.

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After the incident, the drummer left the band, but the vocalist remained and found a replacement. Fans’ perspectives on how to perceive the situation vary. Unknown is what exactly happened between them.

After leaving the band, Karen changes her name to “Eliza,” and she continues to perform with Rej. Now, Forester and Mia Morris play the drums for GRLwood.

Lead Singer Rej Forester Bio

Rej Forester, a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, founded GRLwood as a solo project in 2017. She is well known for her gaming skills as well.

Foretser’s exact age is unknown, but she is believed to be in her early 30s. She is an American citizen because she was born here.

The musician, who practices religion, has mixed origins. To speak of her romantic life, she is currently single.

The particulars of Rej’s family life and academic background are kept hidden.

The main singer’s predicted net worth for 2021 will be between $200K and $500K, according to SG. Yet, she hasn’t given any official estimates of her wealth in 2023.

Musical Career Of Grlwood

The band has deals with SonaBLAST! Records and Audiotree. The band has published four albums as of 2023: Roommate Wanted, I Sold My Life to the Devil When I Was 13, Rent, and their debut album.

The queercore band released “Keep It Average,” their most recent single, in November 2022.

Several media outlets have featured Glenwood, including NPR, AV Club, Pandora Blog, Wussy Mag, Billboard, BTRtoday, etc.

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