Gloria Satterfield Death Cause, Autopsy, And Case Detail Explained

Gloria Satterfield
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Because the Gloria Satterfield case was turned into a well-liked crime documentary series on Netflix, many people are interested in finding out more about the autopsy results.

Gloria Satterfield worked for the Murdaugh family for a number of years as their housekeeper and domestic worker. She supposedly worked for the family for twenty years.

A three-part true crime series on Netflix called Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal looks at five homicides that occur over the period of six years and are all connected to the Murdaughs, a well-known South Carolina family.

In episode 3 of the series, Satterfield, the famous family’s lifelong housekeeper, makes an appearance.

Gloria Satterfield Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Many theories have been offered as to how she passed away. According to the documentary series, Gloria’s family was informed that she tripped over the Murdaugh family dogs on the stairway, fell backward, smacked her head violently, and passed away.

The Murdaugh Murders dossier states that Gloria Satterfield, 57, passed away on February 26, 2018. She was died in a car accident before the incident on the staircase, but this information was never looked into.

Several others also believe that she may have died as a result of the internal injuries she sustained in the car accident.

Gloria Satterfield Autopsy Results

The reason of Satterfield’s death was determined not to be natural. Unfortunately, neither an autopsy nor a medical examiner were requested.

Because the maid’s passing was never reported to the authorities, her body was anticipated to be discovered in June 2022. Further investigations are being done to ascertain whether or not her death was an accident.

Gloria Satterfield
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The exhumation hasn’t undergone any recent alterations. Exhumation is done to test a deceased person who hasn’t been tested before.

The postmortem hasn’t been completed, thus no autopsy photographs have been released. It is still unknown on when day her remains will be unearthed.

Gloria Satterfield’s Case Detail Explained

At the family’s Moselle property in Murdaughs, Colleton County, it is thought that the family’s maid tripped and fell down the front steps, suffering critical injuries that finally resulted in her death later that month.

Gloria’s siblings, Scott, Ginger, and Eric, admitted on television that their sister didn’t speak to them at all while she was in the hospital.

Alex reportedly collected more than $4.3 million from the insurance settlement associated with her passing on the Murdaughs’ farm a few months prior. Before it was reported in the media, the two boys were not aware of the death settlement.

Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, two Satterfield family lawyers who are also seen in the movie, went to the Murdaughs to find out more about what was going on and where the money was going.

After much digging, they ultimately found Alex had taken the roughly $4 million meant for Gloria’s family.

When Mr. Alex was on trial for the murders of Paul and Maggie in February 2023, one of the maidservant’s kids, Michael, testified that Alex had stolen the money.

Murdaugh failed to divulge the fact that he had obtained two settlements, one for more than $500,000 and the other for $3.8 million, and had been paid on each of them. In June 2021, Michael had already testified that his family had learned the outcome of their legal dispute.

One of the Satterfield family’s lawyers claims that the con artist apologized to the irate family and promised to pay them $4.3 million in December 2021.

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