What Happened To Gary Lineker? His Controversial Tweet And Scandal Explained

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Social media users responded negatively to the 2016 incident involving Gary Lineker’s words regarding Brexit.

Due to his outspoken internet character, former professional football player turned commentator Gary Lineker has become involved in a number of problems. He has a history of stirring up a ruckus with his comments on a number of topics, including politics and football, and has done it more than once.

The most significant Gary Lineker concerns, such as his remarks on the Brexit vote and a more recent event with his remarks regarding a quarter, will be covered on this page.

What Happened To Gary Lineker?

Over the years, Gary Lineker has engaged in a lot of arguments, many of which have been triggered by his tweets. After the Brexit vote in 2016, one of Lineker’s most famous controversies occurred.

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On social media, Lineker, a vociferous proponent of staying in the EU, expressed his disappointment with the outcome and called it a “catastrophe.” Some Twitter users criticized him for this and demanded that he be fired from his position as a BBC sportscaster.

Lineker remained adamant about voicing his opinions despite the criticism. Lineker most recently became involved in another issue as a result of a tweet he sent out regarding a quarter. According to a tweet from Lineker, a quarter of UK citizens believe in conspiracies.

Details On Gary Lineker Scandal

Lineker’s tweet, which was sent to a fourth of the UK’s population, garnered harsh condemnation for its scandalous content and tone.

Some Twitter users criticized Lineker for being out of touch with popular culture and unable of comprehending the logic behind conspiracies. Lineker claimed that when he published his post, he wasn’t aiming to be arrogant or unmindful of other people’s opinions.

He thought it was important to dispel conspiracies and that people should be willing to engage in an honest, open discussion about contentious issues. Despite Lineker’s efforts to explain his views, the scandal persisted, and some people demanded that he retract his remarks.

Fiona Bruce: She Got Accused After The Controversial Tweet

Not just popular broadcaster Gary Lineker has received criticism for comments made on social media. After tweeting about a guest, Question Time host Fiona Bruce recently faced accusations of racism.

Bruce tweeted her admiration for the Tory MP’s “grace under Fire” after a contentious confrontation on the program. Some Twitter users attacked the remark, claiming Bruce was biased in favor of the Conservative Party.

According to Bruce, who defended her post, it was a reflection of her personal ideas and that she was not associated with any political party. She argued that it was critical to identify when a politician maintained composure under duress, regardless of their political leaning.

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