GamingWithKev Bio, Wikipedia, Age, YouTube Earnings, And Net Worth

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American YouTuber GamingWithKev has a great $7 million fortune. Successful YouTuber GamingWithKev generates a respectable living from his channel.

GamingWithKev participated in many sports, video games, and computer games as a child.

His family’s current home is in Bakersfield, California. Kev worked in a gym office before pursuing a career in social media.

In addition to YouTube, he runs a company. He loves clothes and vehicles equally.

GamingWithKev Bio, Wikipedia, Age

On May 8, 2015, the GamingWithKev channel made its premiere. There have been over 4,996,027,018 views overall.

GamingWithKev Wikipedia and age not mentioned yet no any stream.

One of the well-known creators active in the YouTube community is Kevin. His writings primarily cover video game play.

Additionally, he disseminates essays and other materials that criticize video games. One of the most well-known Roblox video stars was Kev. He has prior YouTube experience. Young folks who have been watching him play since they were kids make up most of his viewers.

The number of videos on his channel is 2.781. About every other day, content is usually posted to Edwards.

He runs a gaming channel. Therefore, young kids make up most of his audience. He plays NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V on YouTube instead of Roblox.

The title of his most well-liked video is ROBLOX 2 PLAYER SUPERHERO TYCOON. Since it was posted four years ago, it has had 29 million views.

He also manages a vlogging channel called ADayWithKev on his side channel.

His wife and four children can be seen on their family’s YouTube account. 616000 people are channel subscribers.

He is the owner of the KevinEdwardsJr2 YouTube channel. There are 546K channel subscribers. On the video-sharing website, Marie was even asked to marry the creator of YouTube.

Seven years have passed since the proposal video was made. On the channel, there is only that one upload, though. On March 17, 2012, Kevin subscribed to it as his first channel.

In 2018 and 2019, Kevin was also highlighted on YouTube Rewind. He has achieved success on YouTube on his own.

How Much Does GamingWithKev Earn From Youtube?

For GamingWithKev, various projects and enterprises generate more than $7,000,000. Edwards manages several YouTube channels.

The GamingWithKev channel generates between $5700 and $91600 every month, according to SocialBlade. The projected yearly income also ranges from $68700 to $1.1 million.

The monthly revenue from his second channel, ADayWithKev, ranges from $29 to $456. Additionally, the yearly income ranges from $342 to $5500.

Kevin has 206 000 Instagram followers and is a mid-tier influencer. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, he makes between $615 and $1,025 off of each piece.

He has several rental properties that provide income for him. He invests in properties in California.

According to The Fool, the average real estate investor may anticipate earning between $70,00 and $124,000. On YouTube, Edwards has a big fan base. He makes a solid living by selling GamingwithKev products.

He invests in properties in California. An investor in real estate may earn between $70,00 and $124,000 annually.

He has sponsorship agreements with Lamborghini Newport Beach and McLaren Automotive Cars. This generates some more money.

He can treat himself to a wonderful collection of cars thanks to his large annual income. Among his fleet is a Lamborghini.

The Italian brand typically sells for between $200,000 and $500,000. This suggests that he is extremely wealthy.

Estimated Networth Of GamingWithKev

Kevin makes money from additional sources besides sponsorships, businesses, brand endorsements, and online merchandise sales.

Along with all of his fame and fortune, he also has a stirring tale. Through his social media, he encourages others to acquire a millionaire attitude.

He had experienced rudeness at his prior employment. He was currently working for a low salary. He believed that starting his own business would be preferable to working for another person. He left on April 1, 2015.

In the year 2023, he achieved renown and financial prosperity. On May 7, 2015, Edwards started using YouTube exclusively.

He earned a million followers on his YouTube account on January 15, 2017. The number was more than 8 million in January 2023.

He makes money from producing YouTube videos as a creator. He also receives extra payment from those who watch programming without commercials.

You can get the author’s code, “GWKFAMILY,” in the Roblox store by going to the video description. Every time the code is used, he is compensated.

In 2020, he founded a new business named The Edwards Estate. California’s Bakersfield is home to a guarded, affluent residence.

The Edwards Estate is doing well, given that it is consistently populated. Reservations must be made within twelve to eighteen months.

He makes money by selling products on Redbubble. A GamingwithKev design sticker, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, and home goods are among the additional items for sale.

His products are priced between $1.29 and $200. He also earns money via investments and partnerships.

Edwards considers himself to be a vehicle fanatic. He has access to expensive luxury vehicles from brands like Bugatti. His Buggati model cost approximately $5.8 million. He also has a Chevelle vehicle.

In 2022, he luxuriously bought a 59-foot Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible. This is a perfect example of his and his family’s great way of life.

He has accomplished a lot in his career. In 2022, he got to know the proprietors of Bugatti, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, and McLaren.

Being a millionaire, he lavishly provides holidays and vacations for his wife and kids. Their luxurious lifestyle is evident on social media.

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