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Elle Duncan
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Omar Abdul Ali is a DJ who works in the business in Atlanta. He is married to Elle Duncan. Elle Duncan married him in Costa Rica in July 2016.

Duncan is now a sportscaster, news reporter, and TV announcer for ESPN. She began working for ESPN in 2019 as a reporter and commentator. Currently, she is the host of “SportsCenter on the Road” and “Saturday Morning SportsCenter.”

Duncan paid tribute to the dead spirits of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Giana on the show three years after the sad news of their deaths.

Elle Duncan: Husband Omar Abdul Ali And Wedding

Elle Duncan is now married to Omar Abdul Ali, who she has been with for a long time. They had a fancy wedding party at a five-star resort in Costa Rica.

On July 9, 2016, the bride, Omar, and the bridesmaid, Elle, who were both wearing fancy dresses, got married at the Hotel Villa Caletas in Jaco, near the coast and next to the capital city.

Two lovers were photographed on the roof of the hotel. Because they were on top of a hill, they had great views of the Pacific Ocean, the surrounding rainforest, and the fun city life.

Duncan and Ali have been married for more than six years and had two young children. The first time they met was in a club.

Ali’s only goal as a DJ was to get everyone on the dance floor and make them feel the beat.

The news reporter spent her free time with her friends at the pub. Later, one of Ali’s friends helped them get in touch, and that’s how they became friends.

After some time, Ali took the relationship to the next level and asked Duncan to marry her in July 2015.

When he asked her a question, she was completely surprised and answered “Yes” in shock.

Ali got down on one knee and gave her an engagement ring. She was happy to take it. Before they got married in July 2016, they were engaged for a year.

Two months before their expensive party in Jaco, they got married in court.

Duncan also showed their family pictures of them in the Dekalb County courtroom in May 2020, which was the event’s fourth anniversary.

Children Of Elle Duncan And Omar Abdul

Two cute kids belong to Omar and Duncan. Their names are Eva Ali and Xander Ali.

On July 25, 2018, they had their first child. They named their child Eva after Elle’s grandmother, who had died.

Elle told a moving story about her pregnancy journey in May 2019. After Eva was born, she posted a picture of her sleeping on Elle’s chest, curled up and smiling at her.

In the long caption, Elle talked about her pain and difficulties during long labors. She gave a short account of what happened in the maternity ward.

After a long operation, when her baby didn’t cry, she supposedly felt like she had fallen from a tall building.

Duncan will always be grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved Eva that night by doing amazing things.

Along the same lines, the couple gave their Instagram followers something to look forward to on their fourth wedding anniversary, which will be in July 2020.

Omar and Elle told people that they were going to have their second child in December.

She wrote in the caption, “More life and more babies are on the way,” which means that the unborn child is a boy. Elle’s use of the word “babies” in her inscription suggested that they are open to having more children in the future.

Still, in December 2020, Elle gave birth to their second child, a boy named Xander.

The 39-year-old mother is having the best time of her life with her family. Her social media sites are full of pictures of her simple but happy family.

Info On Elle Duncan Parents

Elle Duncan was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are Clark and Toni Duncan. Toni has been married to Clark for 46 years.

Since the beginning, Elle had always spent more time with Clark than with Toni.

He was always there to cheer her up and get her going when she was having a bad day. When Duncan walked her down the aisle at her wedding in 2016, she felt some emotions.

After meeting in high school, Toni and Clark began going out together. Both of them went to East High School.

When they first met, Clark was blown away by Toni’s beauty and sure that she was the one. Elle’s mother finally agreed to one of her requests after a few.

In August 2020, when they were celebrating 44 years of marriage, an ESPN reporter sent them a happy anniversary message. Elle said that it was a good thing that she was one of their children.

Clark, who used to coach softball, gave up a lot to take care of his two kids.

After he quit sports, Clark worked as a business manager at Georgia State University. Toni went to the University of Denver and then worked as a project manager at PLATO Learning.

The couple is now retired and lives in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Detail On Elle Duncan’s Family Background

Duncan and his older sister Kelli Duncan grew up in a family of four. Powder Springs, Georgia, was where they lived when they were young.

Kelli likes to try out new things. She jumped from a bungee cord and posed for a picture to use as her Facebook profile picture. She and Elle played softball together when she was young. Clark was their coach.

After college, she went on to play for a living. She then decided not to keep playing sports and instead tried to get a job as a softball coach.

She lives in Tampa, Florida, now.

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