Eleanor Neale Relationship With Jack Manifold, Weight Loss And Boyfriend’s Bio

Eleanor Neale
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Eleanor Neale and her partner Jack Manifold are 3 years apart in age. Jack has been a member of the Dream SMP since 2020.

Eleanor has always been fascinated with cosmetics, fashion, and mystery novels. She began blogging about beauty in 2017, and a year later she changed her channel into a place where she discussed real crimes.

Eleanor Neale’s main channel currently has 2.5 million subscribers, and she reached the one million subscriber milestone in July 2020.

The Becky Watts Case, her most popular YouTube video, with 6.1 million views. She has discussed several well-known occurrences, such as “The Hello Kitty” and “The Junko Furuta.”

Her second channel, Ellie Neale, has 168k loyal followers. There, information about her genuine nature and private life is available. Ellie posts vlogs, reaction videos, and answers to questions from her followers on her social media platforms.

Eleanor Neale Relationship With Jack Manifold

Eleanor Neale revealed in a YouTube video that she is in a relationship with Jack Manifold. Jack is another content creator.

Love is celebrated in February. The day following Valentine’s Day was the only time she shared a video with the headline “I have a boyfriend!” He is also real.

When her admirers learned that she had found a devoted companion, they couldn’t contain their joy. She is one of the authors of crime fiction who is most admired online.

During this moment on February 21, 2023, even Jack posted “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.” Neale and Manifold’s fans are overjoyed and happy for the pair.

After 13 minutes and 56 seconds into the movie, she finally calls Jack and presents him to the audience. They made their initial connection at a friend’s birthday party in June. They were cut off from one another for a few months rather than falling in love immediately away.

When she spent a week in Brighton, she briefly saw him again. For their first genuine date, Eleanor drove intoxicated from London to Brighton. After dinner as a couple, he took her to a cocktail bar. They were developing a connection. On her birthday, Jack flew out to surprise her.

She begged him to gift her a cat on her special day. Jack has committed to going shopping with her. They also declared their love for the “Breaking Bad” series. The contrast between the girl’s frantic energy and Jack’s calm energy makes them seem like the perfect fit. For a week, they’ll be outing their relationship.

But recently, they were seen playing several games. They also measured how quickly they typed. Neale was given 53 words per minute, whereas Jack was given 64 words.

Some predicted Jack would never meet a female, but he tweeted that he had triumphed. He also shared a picture of them holding hands. People are wondering about their age as they have garnered interest online by disclosing their dating life. Eleanor recently turned 24, and Jack is about to become 21.

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Is Jack Manifold A Twitch Streamer?

Jack started regularly streaming on Twitch with his “JackManifoldTV” channel at the beginning of 2019. Jack has acquired around 2 million subscribers on Twitch.

Before adopting his current identity, he appeared on the channel as “THUNDER1408”. Previously, he shared Minecraft videos.

Jakc now enjoys playing Roblox, watching ghost-hunting movies, and responding to videos on TikTok. He has recently streamed Just Talking, Phasmophobia, and Arizona Sunshine, among other genres.

He occasionally collaborates with other well-known internet streamers like TommyInnit and Tubbo. The best parts of his streams are posted on his 431,000-subscriber YouTube channel. He has increased in internet popularity thanks to his clever gaming skills and endearing personality. Josh is his brother and is equally well-known online.

About a million people follow him on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On both TikTok and Discord, where he is also reachable, he has 2.1 million followers.

Due to his massive internet following, he frequently receives offers from brands and companies for paid partnerships, commercials, and endorsements. In this way, he makes money. He also sells goods via his website store.

In April 2022, he and his pals visited Keokuk, Iowa, and they fell in love with the place. He also made his first trip to Disneyland that year.

He values friendship more than anything else. His Instagram account only has 52 posts, the most of which are pictures of his friends. Jack received his education at Trinity Church of England High School. He was born on August 14, 2002. At a young age, he enjoyed considerable fame and prosperity.

Weight Loss And Boyfriend’s Bio Of Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale’s weight loss has been a topic of discussion among fans for a while. Eleanor addressed this issue and disclosed her unexpected change in a video in December 2022.

She began by discussing the first few weeks of last year, when she experienced mental health issues. She continued by noting that since her physical appearance has drastically changed—she is now nearly 20 kg lighter and has loose skin—she is now much happier and healthier. And she could need specific procedures to fix it.

She changed to a better lifestyle, consumed less junk food, and scheduled daily workouts and diet plans. This led to a significant weight loss for her. She asserted that she restrains herself from outlining her precise weight loss plan online because it can be distressing to some individuals.

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