Ed Speleers Sexuality, Girlfriend Asia Macey, Earning And Net Worth

Ed Speleers
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Some of Ed Speleers’s followers may have speculated that he is gay because he recently filmed a kissing scene with a co-star.

Ed Speleers, an English actor and producer, was born in the region of South East England. The actor became famous for his role as Outlander’s antagonist Stephen Bonnet.

The star’s parents split up when he was only three years old. His mother moved to Spain, while his father, Johan, stayed in London. Not only that, but he also has two elder stepbrothers.

Ed graduated with his diploma in 2006 from Eastbourne College. He also wrote and directed a play shown at his university when he was still a student there.

Besides starring in Richard III and A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Outlander, the actor has also performed in both plays in high school.

The actor has recently been immersing himself in the role of Rhys Montrose in the new Netflix thriller “You.” The premiere episode debuted on Netflix on February 9, 2023.

Ed Speleers Sexuality: Is He Gay Or Straight?

It’s false that the British actor is homophobic. The actor kissed his co-star Rob James-Collier while playing a gay character on the British series Downtown Abbey.

But he’s still straight. One of Speleers’ co-stars allegedly made fun of his soft lip in an interview.

It must have been challenging to play a gay character in an era when the LGBTQ community was still marginalized.

Even though he was in a serious relationship at the time, people thought he was gay because of how great he was as an actor.

Ed Speleers Girlfriend: Who Is Asia Macey?

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Ed Speleers married his long-term lover Asia Macey in 2014.

He has always made an effort to keep his personal life private, therefore the exact date of his wedding is unknown and the actor has not published any images from the ceremony.

They met each other in 2012 on the TV show set, and the chemistry between them was undeniable. They also have two children, a daughter and a son.

It was claimed in the Daily Mail that Macey and Speleers had a son in January of 2015. Lastly, there’s Frank, the dog.

Asia, the costume director, is Asian. She’s not only private, but she also doesn’t use social media. Their wedding anniversary is coming up next month, but they’ve already been married for nearly ten years.

Rumors of a divorce have circulated, but no proof to support them has emerged.

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Ed Speleers’s Earnings And Net Worth

The Downton Abbey star reportedly has a net worth of $4 million. He has been a working actor since his debut in the film Eragon in 2006.

The famous actor also dabbles in film production. In 2017, under Barnaby Blackburn’s direction, he made “Wale,” essentially a film.

Speleers was also nominated for “Best Young Actor” at the British Academy Film Awards and the Saturn Awards for a short film he helped make.

The voice acting parts he’s played for video games like Eragon and Battlefield 1 has also brought him widespread acclaim as an actor of note. Many well-known directors, such as Stefen Markus Fangmeier, Julian Gilbey, and Andrew Clement Serkis, have worked with him.

However, the actor does not like to post pictures of his body online. The actor was recently seen in Los Angeles, California, where he is likely to be filming scenes for his next Netflix show.

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