Dustin May Parents, Wife Mille, Married Life And Family Details

Dustin May
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Danny and Suzanne May, the parents of Dustin, brought up their two kids in Texas. In 2022, Suzzane and Danny divorced.

Dustin May’s parents still get along despite no longer being married. The two people who were present on Dustin’s special day are ones who have had the most influences on his professional life.

The Dodgers pitcher debuted in Major League Baseball in 2019, and the following year, they won their seventh championship. The native of Texas hopes to replicate the Dodgers’ successful 2020 campaign because he and Tony Gonsolin there have developed a great working relationship.

Details On Dustin May Parents

Danny and Suzanne May, Dustin May’s parents, are no longer married. Together with his sister, they reared him in Texas.

In 2019, the couple attended a Dodgers game and took a brief tour of the facility before watching their child play. By 2022, though, the pair had already broken up.

Is Suzzane May Currently Engaged To Shaw Gidden?

Suzzane Graves, the mother of Dustin May, is presently engaged to Shaw Gidden. After divorcing Dustin’s father, Danny, Suzzane started dating Shaw.

thrilled mother of two Suzzane earned a degree in instructional leadership from The University of Texas. Suzzane shared on her Facebook page how Shaw proposed to her by getting down on one knee and wearing a stunning ring.

She posts updates on her son, the Dodgers, and baseball in general on her Twitter account. Suzzane is shown in a Dodgers video from September 2019 seeing her kid make his debut at Dodger Stadium.

Before introducing his parents, Suzzane talks about her baby at the beginning of the video. She put up a picture of Dustin playing baseball as a young boy and remarked that it was remarkable to see him develop from a shy kid into an MLB starter.

Who IS Danny?

Danny May, Dustin May’s father, was very important to his growth as an MLB starting pitcher.

When Dustin was just six years old, they started their father-son baseball team.

Danny first didn’t think Dustin would attend college, much less get picked. In the Dodgers’ introductory video, Danny acknowledges pushing his son too hard when he was younger.

Dustin explained his father’s viewpoint a few seconds after Danny revealed on camera that he frequently pushed his youngster.

The pitcher described his dad’s mentality as “I’m going to push him until his break, and then when he doesn’t want to play anymore, I’ll push it until he wants to prove me wrong” or “I’m going to press it until he wants to show me right.”

Even though it appeared dangerous, Dustin insisted that it had clearly worked for him. The pleased father uses the handle @Dannymay5 to tweet about his son and his accomplishments on Twitter, similar to Suzzane.

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Details On Dustin May Parents

His younger sister Baleigh May also grew up in Texas with the Dustin May family.

Justin, Texas, is where Dustin May, a Dodgers pitcher, and Baleigh May grew up. The pitcher has not confirmed rumors that the MLB standout also has a half-brother named Dillon May.

Baleight played soccer when a student at Northwest High School and is now a student at Texas A&M. Suzzane wrote an emotional letter to her university in 2019 about leaving Baliegh.

Dustin May Wife: Mille And His Married Life

Dustin May And Mille
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Five years after they initially met, in December 2022, Dustin May and Mille May got married.

According to the Dodgers website, the pitcher asked his longtime partner to marry him on December 10, 2020, while they were en route to Costa Rica.

Amelia “Millie” Trautner, also known as Millie, and the pitcher began dating in 2017. Millie loves animals very much. Woody, the dog she and Dustin keep, is frequently seen on her Instagram page.

On the day of Dustin’s debut, Millie joined Suzzane, Danny, and Baliegh to the Dodger Stadium, where she frequently visits. She was present when Dustin and the Dodgers won the World Series in 2020, and she undoubtedly anticipates doing it again in 2023.

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