Did Achraf Hakimi Divorce Hiba Abouk? Their Divorce Settlement And Kids Details

Achraf Hakimi
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Amin and Naim Achraf Hakimi are in the news since the PSG star’s divorce is a huge topic right now. Here is what we do know about them.

Achraf Hakimi is arguably the most well-liked Spanish professional football player right now. He plays right back for Ligue 1 team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

In addition to being one of his club’s most well-known players, Hakimi also competes for Spain’s national football team.

In addition, Hakimi is regarded as one of the best defenders in the entire world. He started playing football with Colonia Ofigevi, and since 2021, he has been a member of PSG.

The professional footballer’s divorce from his wife, Hiba Abouk, has brought attention to his personal life. Before understanding the details of their divorce, let’s first meet their children.

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Did Achraf Hakimi Divorce Hiba Abouk?

In the beginning of 2023, a woman accused Achraf Hakimi of raping her in his home in a Paris suburb on February 25, 2023. France’s prosecutors quickly launched an official investigation.

In response, Hakimi denied the allegation and asserted that he was a victim of racketeering. Notably, his wife Abouk refrained from publicly defending her husband.

After keeping quiet for a month, Abouk released a statement announcing her separation from Hakimi.

Abouk said that “long before the events in which I have been involved in the media and of which I am totally unaware.” She went on to claim that following her decision to end cohabitation and legally split.

Abouk went on to say that she trusted the court system and that, in these circumstances, she always sided with the prey.

Info On Achraf Hakimi And Hiba Abouk Divorce Settlement

In her divorce suit from Achraf Hakimi, Hiba Abouk demanded half of his wealth and property. The PSG star reportedly has nothing against him, therefore she didn’t receive anything.

Saida Mouh, Hakimi’s mother, reportedly owns the assets. According to reports, Hakimi chose his mother as the one who would get his compensation.

80% of Hakimi’s is reportedly registered in his mother’s name as the owner. That knowledge similarly took aback Hiba. She’ll keep acting from here on out.

When the article was written, the details of their child custody agreements were not made public, but they soon will be.

Who Are Achraf Hakimi’s Amin and Naim? And Their Children

Amin and Naim, two kids who share their father Achraf Hakimi’s last name, make up Achraf’s happy family. Haikimi shares two kids with his ex-wife Hiba Abouk, a Spanish actress best recognized for her part in El Principe.

Apparently, Hiba and Hakimi met for the first time at a 2018 photo shoot for Vogue Arabia. At the time, the footballer was playing for Real Madrid.

Two months after putting their relationship on display at a Madrid charity event in June 2019, the ex-couple made it public on Instagram. Achraf and Hiba got married in a quiet ceremony in 2020.

Soon after getting married, they made the decision to establish a family, and in 2020, they had their first child. The couple’s three-person household increased to four when they had a second son in 2022.

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