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Kris Letang
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Catherine Laflamme and Kris Letang wed on July 18, 2015. Hockey Wives included Catherine as an actress.

Letang is a hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the National Hockey League (NHL). In the third round (62nd overall) of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, the Penguins selected him.

For the NHL matchup on January 25 against the Florida Panthers, Letang made a strong comeback. He scored twice and provided assists, helping the Penguins defeat the Panthers in a close game.

Details On Kris Letang Wedding

On July 18, 2015, Kris Letang exchanged vows with Catherine, his girlfriend.

In 2022, they held a ceremony to mark their seventh wedding anniversary in her hometown of Montreal.

She shared a picture of them looking into each other’s eyes as they walked down the aisle at their wedding in July 2016.

Catherine expressed her gratitude and a sense of privilege for having him as her boyfriend in the Instagram post. The two lover birds, Kris and Cath, are the ideal couple and were given that name to be called together.

Alexander, their son, was already three years old when they were married. He is beyond excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness his parents’ marriage.

The event took place in Cath’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. The city’s diverse architectural styles, historic cathedrals, and lavish ballrooms all add to the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

Catherine shared wedding photos to Instagram two days after the opulent ceremony, providing the ideal close-up of their dreamy nuptials.

Kris Letang Wife, Catherine Laflamme And Her Bio

In 2017, Catherine Laflamme made an appearance in the third season of the Canadian reality series Hockey Wives.

It is a documentary series that follows the lives of Canadian hockey players in their day-to-day activities. The program, which made its debut on the W Network in March 2015, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at these women’s personal lives, including their relationships with NHL stars.

Each season focuses on a different group of women as they navigate the challenges and successes of dating a professional athlete. The program ran for three seasons, airing its third season in 2017, and was highly welcomed by viewers.

After she appeared in the show, her popularity reached its height. On Instagram, she has 38.3K followers.

Kris And Catherine Their Kids: Alexander And Victoria Letang

The father of two exceptional children is Kris Letang. In November of last year, his son Alex turned ten.

On his special day, Catherine posted a brief video on her Instagram as the four-person family prepared to honor Alex’s ten wonderful years of marriage.

Alexander, the son, is ten years old. Kris and Cath Letang welcomed Alexander into the world in November 2012.

He initially appeared in Catherine’s Instagram photos in 2013, when he was just a young youngster.

Alex enjoys playing soccer and swimming in addition to exploring the outdoors. He usually visits stadiums with his mother to see his father play.

He would wear a shirt with his name on the back and support Kris. Victoria Letang, a daughter, was born in 2018.

Victoria is Kris and Catherine’s child. When she joined them in July 2018, she completed their family.

On Instagram, Kris posted a photo of their newborn baby. Alexander, who was ecstatic to have a sister, watched as he held the newborn in his arms.

Similar to this, Kris, Cath, and Alex came together to celebrate the baby girl’s fourth birthday on July 5, 2022.

Victoria is dressed in a sweet pink ruffle dress and is holding a balloon. Her birthday cake was created in a clear-cut, elegant manner.

The small pattie had a number 4 emblem that was a bird soaring high in the sky, and five coatings of various colors that resembled a rainbow. Additionally, her name was carved on a half-sun pattern on the top shelf.

Info On Kris Letang Family Life

Christiane Letang and Claude Fouquet are Kris Letang’s parents. He was reared in Quebec and was born in 1987.

His family has French ancestry and is a devoted Catholic. His grandpa Pierre immigrated to Canada, made himself at home, and started a family there.

After his birth, his parents moved to the environs of Sainte-Julie four years later. The remainder of Kris’ childhood was thereafter spent in southwest Quebec’s suburbs.

The NHL defenseman was raised in a business family. His father, Claude, was a former salesman for a company that sold trucks. Mother Christiane, meanwhile, started a number of modest businesses.

When Kris was in his teenage years, she eventually discovered something significant—a corporation that distributed pet items. The NHL player began to exhibit signs of being an athlete at a young age. He played soccer with his father and was quite engaged in sports.

But unlike hockey, kicking the ball never truly drove him as hard. Kris didn’t have a background in sports.

Kris had one sibling and two half-siblings with him while growing up outside the city. It was challenging for him to advance from a school student to one of the NHL’s top players, despite the fact that he stood out among his siblings as a sports fanatic.

Letang, though, had doubts about his ability to go to the top. He started out as a forward but eventually shifted to defense due to his powerful physical build.

Before being purchased by the Penguins, he had already made his impact in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

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