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Samuel D. Larson, writer and filmmaker, is married to actress Julie Nolke. In 2019, Samuel and Julie said “I do.”

Canadian actor, comedian, and novelist Julie has been on the rise since 2014. After going public in 2014, she has developed a distinct persona in the eyes of the public.

In 2014, Nolke began his career in the entertainment industry. The couple, however, began their Feeling Peckish YouTube channel in 2015.

Tastemade hired her after she began posting cooking tutorials to her channel so that she could also direct their films, as well as come up with new concepts and create branded content.

Though she now also posts sketches, vlogs, and even parodies to her channel, Nolke is still most known for her hit comedic series, Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self.

Who Is Julie Nolke Husband?

Samuel D. Larson, Julie Nolke’s husband, is a well-known actor in Hollywood. Samuel is a seasoned producer and director.

Samuel was born in Alberta in 1990 and works as a director, filmmaker, and cameraman. Samuel has been driven by a deep-seated desire to pursue a career in filmmaking ever since he was a kid.

He experimented extensively with videography at an early age, and his background in the visual arts undoubtedly benefited him in developing a distinctive visual style for his works.

Larson founded his production firm, Oleander Films, after completing his film studies at university. Upon establishing his firm, he began working with a variety of media outlets, including Tastemade, the Hollywood Reporter, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Billboard.

Since she had a passion for food, he hired her as a content producer for the channel and invited her to appear on the show. Sam’s success in the theater led him to write and direct a number of plays, including the critically acclaimed Oil Men, which included Julie Nolke and the couple’s parents in lead roles.

He also helped out the 2019 Forage back project on the CBC web series. As the two of them have grown and achieved together, he has been an excellent boyfriend and companion.

Julie Nolke And Samuel D. Larson Happy Married Life

Samuel and Julie have stayed friends through thick and thin. Samuel has made several of Julie’s works.

Julie fell head over heels in love with Samuel the first time they met in the early days of YouTube. They haven’t been able to tear themselves away from each other ever then and are now simply adorable.

Julie and Samuel D. Larson, who had been seeing one other for six years, got engaged in June 2019. The Toronto residents who have found that filming videos together is something they both look forward to do.

Larson is responsible for all aspects of production, including directing, producing, and editing the videos, for which Julie is the spokesman. The pair is more chill because of how well they get along and how much love there is between them.

For the same reason, Julie prefers to think of her partner in terms of friendship rather than romance. After going through so much together, they decided to commit to each other forever.

Julie Nolke Parents: Father David Nolke And Mother Cheryl Nolke

Julie Nolke was born to parents who were Canadian citizens. Julie was born with Ukrainian ancestry but now makes her home in Toronto.

The Calgary native promotes her supportive and loving parents on her channel. She enjoys their company immensely but prefers to keep a low profile when they’re present. The YouTuber has been mum about whether or whether she has any siblings.

No matter, David and Cheryl Nolke are her parents. They are both enthusiastic about her decision to pursue a career in YouTube full-time.

Although she enjoys being on camera, she would rather not have her parents present since she believes it is important to separate her personal and professional lives.

The parent’s concern for privacy is another reason she doesn’t post many of their photos on Instagram. On the other side, Julie’s August 21 upload of a photo of herself with her parents on her birthday revealed her delight at spending the day with them.

Detail On Julie Nolke Instagram Account

In addition to her 605 Instagram followers, Canadian comedian Julie Nolke has 124k Twitter followers.

She’s posted 661 times to Instagram, but she’s picky about the photos of her family.

Even though she hasn’t posted any photos of her parents to Instagram, she has plenty of pictures of herself, her husband, and their friends.

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