Details On Greg Maddux Wife Kathy Maddux, Daughter Paige And Son Chase

Greg Maddux
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Kathy Maddux, Greg Maddux’s wife, serves as the president of the Maddux Foundation. Greg and Kathy raised two children.

Greg and Kathy last shared a passionate embrace in high school. The couple’s first two children, Paige and Chase, were born soon after their 1989 wedding. Their kid played baseball even though he was a student at the University of Nevada.

Since the Maddux Foundation was established in the 1990s, the baseball duo has been involved in charitable endeavors. They still sponsor several programs that seek to enhance the area.

But with his philanthropic work, the Hall of Famer hasn’t forgotten his baseball roots. Maddux, who was recently employed by the Rangers as a special educator, will work alongside Josh Jung and Jonathan Hernandez.

Details On Greg Maddux Wife Kathy Maddux

The first time Greg Maddux and Kathy Maddux met was at Valley High School in Las Vegas, where they were both classmates.

Kathy collaborates with the Maddux Foundation and the baseball player.

Surely, a man born in Spain never expected to meet the love of his life in Las Vegas. The 33 years that the high school sweethearts have been married have only strengthened their love for one another.

Emotional Tribute to Kathy by Greg Maddux During Hall of Fame Speech

A baseball legend named Greg Maddux was admitted into Cooperstown in 2014. Being recognized for years of commitment to the game at the highest level was an emotional event for the pitcher.

Greg seemed to have a knot in his throat as he talked about his best friend Kathy. After paying gratitude to his parents and the coaches who aided him during his formative years, he went on to praise the woman who assisted him in achieving his objective in the mound.

Kathy Maddux participated in one of her very first humanitarian activities in 1990.

She belonged to the Chicago Cubs organization that the players’ spouses founded. An organization called “Cub Wives for Family Rescue” sought to provide mistreated women with a place to stay.

After returning to Las Vegas, Kathy worked for Safe Nest, a company with a similar motto. The baseball couple then founded The Maddux Organization in 1993.

They did it to show their appreciation to the residents of their area and the cities where Greg had previously played baseball. The organization’s vice president was Greg, and its president was Kathy.

With their company, Kathy and Greg supported the “Uncork for a Cause” charity, which organizes wine events for charitable causes with prominent athletes.

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Greg Maddux Daughter Paige Maddux

Daughter of Greg Maddux, Paige Maddux, graduated from the University of San Diego.

Paige remained by her mother’s side when they inducted Dad into the Hall of Fame in 2014. Later that day, she shared a picture of herself holding the plaque with her dad standing behind her and giving the peace sign on social media.

After earning her degree in communication and media studies, Paige worked as a community relations intern with the San Diego Padres. She continued to work with the California-based team until she began her position as the Director of Philanthropy at Rady Children’s Hospital in 2016.

Like her parents, Paige has decided to give back to her community. Since 2021, Paige has been a part of “The Baller Dream Foundation,” a charity that supports kids with cancer.

Paige blogged about the Baller Dream Foundation on her 29th birthday, December 9, 2022, asking her 2.5k followers to give to the organization to help them reach their $500,000 fundraising goal.

The Baller Dream Celebrity Poker Tournament, which is being organized by her father, who is also very involved in the Baller Dream Foundation, will take place in Las Vegas from April 28 to 30.

Paige and Lance Peters, who are currently engaged, most likely initially met as University of San Diego students. Lance is a financial advisor for the Lucia Capital Group and graduated from San Diego two years after Paige.

On December 31, 2021, Paige and Lance announced their engagement by posting a photo of themselves at the beach with their pet dog in the foreground and a scarf that stated, “My humans are getting married.”

Who Is Chase Maddux? His Career

Chase Maddux
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Baseball is Chase Maddux’s sport at the University of Nevada. He is the son of Greg Maddux.

Chase Maddux, who was born on April 7, 1997, followed in his father’s footsteps and enrolled at the University of Nevada in 2016. In nine games as a relief pitcher in his freshman year at Nevada, he had a 15.95 earned run average.

Chase graduated from the University of Nevada in 2020, although he played one more season before bidding the bat and ball game a final farewell in 2021. Chase appeared for the school a total of 44 times.

On July 23, 2021, Chase, the baseball player’s lone child, posted on Instagram, “With my baseball journey, I’ve gained friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime.

And Scarlet, his high school sweetheart, was the person he could count on to stand by his side for the rest of his life. In January 2021, Chase shared a photo of himself surprising Scarlet with a marriage proposal, holding the ring in front of her shock.

The previous year, on June 26, 2022, Chase and Scarlet were wed. Chase shared a picture from their wedding ceremony along with the well-known line from Michael Scott, “Ladies and gentlemen for the first time as a couple Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vance,” on his Instagram account.

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