Details On Boybits Victoria Death Cause, Obituary, Wife, Earnings And Net Worth

Boybits Victoria

Boybits Victoria passed away from a heart attack. Boybits played basketball for the Philippines in the PBA as a rookie.

Boybits Victoria began his professional life as a student at San Beda College. He received the PBA Rookie of the Year title in 1994. After that, the team won additional games and won seven championships.

Victoria was the top rookie in that year’s PBA, and the league was aware of this. That year, he and his group also won. At his prime, Victoria played for both RFM and the San Miguel clubs. He was a member of both groups.

Exploring Boybits Victoria Death Cause

This past Wednesday saw the death of Boybits, a PBA player who competed in numerous professional tournaments. Victoria, the player, tragically passed away suddenly. At the age of fifty, the player passed away. Boybits’ brother Bing confirmed his death.

Bing asserts that an unanticipated myocardial infarction was the cause of his brother’s passing ( a heart attack). As soon as the football fans learned of the tragic death, tributes to the player poured in.

Boybits Victoria

The former PBA player’s autoimmune illness, which necessitated several weeks in the hospital and could result in paralysis without treatment, was found in 2018. The player’s most notable recent job was as the head of sales for Victoria Sports, a Quezon City indoor squad.

After winning the grand slam and taking home the Philippine Cup and Commissioners Cup, he signed up with the RFM team. He first attempted to lead a squad after Victoria retired but later established himself as a panelist for radio and television programs.

Meet Boybits Victoria Wife

Cielo Victoria, according to numerous media reports, is the married name of Boybits Victoria. The player had a son named Nathan and a daughter named Ciaz.

The player’s wife receives little coverage in the media. Nathan Victoria, the youngster, seemed committed to continuing to learn alongside his father and to play like him. Nathan attends Saint Benilde College to study.

As a touching memorial to his late father, Nathan suggested he take a nap while watching his kid develop into the man he had always wanted him to be. Also, he declared that he will devote the remainder of his days to doing good.

Net Worth Of Boybits Victoria: His Earnings

Boybits Victoria hasn’t yet revealed how much money she really makes.

The player’s net worth has been estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. During his prime, the athlete participated in a variety of sports, won numerous championships, and received widespread acclaim.

Later, he also experimented with team coaching. After retiring, he began a career in the media as a radio broadcaster and television personality. He has served as a brand ambassador for a number of companies.

That demonstrates how much money he had amassed as a result of his work. Former basketball player Boybits Victoria, who is of Filipino descent, played for PBA teams as well as other organizations.

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