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Antwon Tanner
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Antwon Tanner has four children: Twon, Jess, Shimary, and Hilary. Antwon’s family consists of two boys and two sons.

Tanner’s recurrent part as Michael on the UPN series Moesha may be what fans most recall him by (1996-97). The comedy series aired from January 1996 to May 2001.

In the 2001 spinoff of The Parkers, he played the same part again.

He played Antwon “Skills” Taylor on the CW series One Tree Hill, for which he is very well-known. Alongside Samuel L. Jackson, he costarred and played a big part in the 2005 biographical teen sports movie Coach Carter.

The celebrity, who is now 47 and has worked in the industry since 1994, has been in a countless number of television movies and programs.

His roles in the movies CSI, The Wood, NYPD Blue, and Seventy Five have all garnered considerable attention.

Tanner is a happy father and husband to his four children. When not in front of the camera, the famous individual spends time with his lovely wife and children.

With Four Children, Antwon Tanner Is Quite Lucky

The boys of Antwon Tanner are Twon and Jess, while the daughters are Shimary and Hilary. The Moesha alum frequently posts heartfelt photos of his children on Instagram.

Who Is Twon Tanner?

Twon Tanner is a business analyst. He was born in July 1996. Twenty-six is Twon’s age.

He was raised in the United States and was the oldest of four siblings.

He has 12 posts and is active on Instagram, where he has roughly 1,000 followers, using the name @twon.the.don.

He is a corporate system analyst and superuser of IT, according to his IG bio.

When he was still a newborn in November 2015, his father shared a priceless flashback photo of him. The infant was being held by his aunt, who was seated next to his father.

“Me and my aunt/mother when my oldest son was born,” Antwon captioned the picture.

The performer refers to his oldest child as a ghost, clone, and moot (affectionately). Remember when he posted a joyful Instagram photo of himself and Twon and referred to his son as “My oldest mini-me”?

Did Jess Appear To The Prom?

Because of his appearance, Tanner’s youngest child, Jess, appears to be in his early 20s.

Under the name @cautious.vr, he has 119 posts and more than 1.2k followers on Instagram, where he is active.

But he has decided to keep his account private. Jess often appears to be having fun with his adoring father. His “training companion” is the actor’s kid, and the two of them exercise together.

Most likely, the young man is concentrated on his academics. In April 2019, Jess attended prom with his wonderful date, @bby red01, who has an Instagram account.

In a happy snapshot posted on social media, even his father said they were headed for the prom.

Future Modle Hilary Tanner

Hilary Tanner, daughter of Antwon Tanner, is a model. To find her on Instagram, type @hilarydanks into the search bar.

She has amassed more than 2.5k followers with just 71 posts.

She has served as the spokesperson for several stores that sell antique apparel, including Shop Demure. The image she tweeted in November 2018 of herself wearing a cropped The Who sweater from @shop.demure is a wonderful illustration of this.

She enjoys traveling as well as modeling. She had a fantastic trip to Hawaii in 2022. While there, she traveled to stunning locations like Oahu and Kauai. She also uploaded a little Instagram video from her journey.

Last year, she and her friends visited Sedona, Arizona. She shared a little Instagram video of her trip highlights.

Antwon Tanner’s Youngest child, Shimary, Call Him Papa Bear

The youngest daughter of the One Tree Hill celebrity is known as Litter Dee. She responds by mentioning her cherished dad-papa bear.

On January 4, 2020, the actor posted a gorgeous photo to Instagram along with a kind message to remember Shimary. “Happy birthday to @ mari.official, my daughter. I’m called Dee. Papa adores you very much.”

In recognition of National Daughter’s Day that year, Tanner shared a collage of his daughters.

The photograph’s caption read, “I’d want to say happy National Daughter’s Day to my adorable beautiful children. I love you.”

Who Is Antwon Tanner’s Wife?

Nic Thearies, Antwon Tanner’s wife, enjoys sports. They spent over three decades together in bliss.

On Instagram, Nic is known as @nic theories.

According to her biography, she enjoys athletics and is a fan of the USC Trojans, Duke Blue Devils, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Married Life Of Antwon Tanner And Nic Theories

Tanner and Nic have been good friends for more than three decades. They are currently enjoying a happy marriage and have four young children.

In order to express his love and affection for his girlfriend on social media, the actor constantly posts beautiful photos of her.

He never forgets to celebrate important birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day.

On January 13, 2017, Tanner posted a heartfelt picture of Nic to his Instagram account. “I feel privileged to step in for my lovely wife, my #wce. beautiful boots”

On Mother’s Day in 2019, the actor could not help but express his gratitude to his wife for being a fantastic mother to their children and instilling moral values in them.

Tanner celebrated his wife’s birthday on April 6 of the previous year and posted several images of her on Instagram.

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