Delta Amidzovski Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Ethnicity And Nationality

Delta Amidzovski
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Athlete Delta Amidzovski has achieved great success. To understand more about her life, please read the article below.

The athlete Delta Amidzovski is well-known and appreciated for her efforts to her field.

Her life is described in great depth on this page, along with information about her parents, race, and age.

Before focusing on Delta Amidzovski’s sporting skill, we’ll look into her age, ethnicity, parents, and Wikipedia page in this piece.

She participated in several international competitions and represented Macedonia in a number of championships.

Her dedication and perseverance paid off when she won numerous medals in regional and international competitions, making her one of the most well-known female athletes in Macedonia.

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How Old Is Delta Amidzovski? Her Age

Australian athlete Delta Amidzovski, 15, represents her country in several international competitions. Her birthday is August 23, 2006. In 2023, she will turn sixteen.

In a range of sporting competitions, such as the long jump, the 4100 relays, and her main event, the 100-meter hurdles, she has broken numerous Australian records.

Delta Amidzovski’s parents are not in any way referenced in the search results as of the time of writing.

She was a gifted athlete initially and has since won numerous state and national championships.

Delta has been dominating her sport and setting multiple records despite several scrapes and bruises. Her main goal for this year is the August World Junior Athletics Championship.

The little athlete is working hard to fulfill her dream of competing in the Paris Summer Olympics in 2024.

She is an example to young athletes worldwide because of her dedication, toughness, and tremendous effort in the sporting world.

Is Delta Amidzovski’s Bio Featured On Wikipedia?

Athlete Delta Amidzovski has had a long and successful career. She is very accomplished.

She consistently ranks among the top athletes in the world, and in honor of her dedication and hard work, she has won several prizes.

With a score of 1022, Delta Amidzovski is presently placed 6689th among women overall.

Though this may appear to be a rather low rating, it’s important to keep in mind that athletic competition is fierce, and given her youth, cracking the top 10,000 is still a commendable achievement.

In her Wikipedia page, Delta Amidzovski lists some of her most notable achievements, such as her participation in the Olympics, when she represented Macedonia in the 100-meter sprint.

Thanks to the numerous national records she has set in the 100- and 200-meter sprints, she is a national hero and an inspiration for aspiring female athletes.

Throughout her career, Delta Amidxovski has held several noteworthy positions in a range of sectors. She had her best finish in the Women’s Long Jump, which was 213 for a week.

She also held positions 242 and 611 for one week and two weeks, respectively, in the women’s high jump and 100-meter sprint.

She spent a week in position 958 in the women’s 100-meter event.

Ethnicity And Nationality Of Delta Amidzovski

The Australian athlete Delta Amidzovksi represents her country in international competitions. She is a citizen of Australia.

Delta Amidzovski became well-known in the sports world at an early age.

She held multiple Australian records in several sporting disciplines, including the long jump, the 4100 relay, and her main event, the 100m hurdles.

Delta Amidzovski recently earned a spot for the 2022 Under-20 Junior Athletics World Championships.

The career of Delta Amidzovski is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when a person combines hard effort, a strong work ethic, and a love for their work.

Her successes and high rankings in various sports prove her talent and skill as a competitor, and her legacy will inspire athletes in succeeding generations to strive for greatness.

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