Daniella Monet Brother Mario, Father, Mother, And Kids With Husband Andrew Gardner

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Daniella Monet’s brother, Mario Monet, often comes to see her children. Mario has been in California the whole time.

The American actress was first noticed for her role in the Listen Up sitcom. Both critics and viewers liked how she could play different characters.

She also played Inga Veinshtein in the mystery movie Nancy Drew, which was her first role.

Monet has promoted herself as a person with many skills, including the ability to sing and act.

She has done everything there is to do in the entertainment business, though, since she hosted the sketch comedy show Awesomeness Tv for two years.

Daniella Monet Brother Mario

Mario Monet, Daniella Monet’s brother, grew up in California. Mario takes her to see his kids often on his trips.

People have seen them out and about together a lot, which shows how close they are. She also doesn’t mind posting pictures of him on Instagram or talking about how they met.

She showed them a picture of them when they were younger. In it, they looked almost exactly the same. People who liked her said that they looked almost the same when they were kids.

Mario Monet, Daniella Monet’s brother, was the one who taught her how important relationships are.

He made her see how important it was to get married, raise a family, and fall in love.

She says that he is smart and funny and thanks him for giving her the chance to grow with him. In the caption of an Instagram photo she shared, she said that he helped her become the mother she is now.

When Monet had her second child, Mario was the one who went to see them often because he was especially close to that child as well.

Daniella Monet’s Father’s Name Has Not Been Revealed Yet

Daniella Monet’s parents, Louie Zuvic and Diane Monet, come from a mix of different places. Before moving to America, the Monet family moved to different places.

After leaving his home in Chillie, her father moved to New York, where he met Diane and fell in love with her.

Louie loves animals and has special relationships with ducks and cats. He also calls them his children and posts a lot of pictures of them on Instagram.

Diane has always liked big cats because she has always loved animals. In 1995, she joined the WWF because she wanted to do more to help animals.

Daniella Monet’s Mother Diane Monet

Diane Monet, Daniella Monet’s mother, grew up in New York. She went to New York University and got an honors degree in international business.

She joined the WWF when she was young and was very passionate about all living things.

Joining the WWF Legacy Circle showed that she was still committed to conservation.

Monet’s paintings, which sometimes show big cats, also show how much she loved what she did.

Daniella also posted a photo of the two of them dressed as cats to show how much she loves cats.

Her family also often went with her to France and Italy, where she sketched and took pictures of gardens, landscapes, and other panoramas that might give her ideas.

Andrew And Her Husband Daniella Cute Kids

Andrew Gardner, married to Daniella Monet, started the company Gafton, which makes clothes. On December 22, 2022, they got married.

Daniella posted a lot of pictures on his Instagram on December 30 to get the word out. People talk a lot about the news on the internet.

Most people know Andrew Gardner as the co-host of the podcast Adulting Like a Mother Father and as the person who came up with the idea for the clothing company Gafton.

Gardner is often on her YouTube channel, where she and Gardner both vlog and talk about their daily lives.

She told people on social media about the birth of their second child as a couple. The couple had their son Gio James in December 2017. This was the same month that they got engaged.

In 2023, their daughter will be one, and their son will be six. Two years passed between when the two kids were born.

In the first close-up photo she posted on Instagram, she said that her son’s name is Gio James Gardner.

In the picture, the small child is sleeping with his mother next to him. Only a beanie and a gray knit suit are on him.

A few hours before she gave birth to her daughter, she posted a photo of herself, Gardner, and Gio on Instagram with the caption, “Our last picture together before our little lady joins us on the earth side.”

Ivry Monet, their daughter, was 21 inches long and weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces when she was born.

She wrote in the caption of a picture of the couple lying on a hospital bed, “These will always be our first selfies together.”

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