Damon Welch’s Wife Rebecca Trueman Bio, Age Gap And Kids

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With the death of her former mother-in-law, the wife of actor Damon Welch, Rebecca Trueman, is trending online. When they first met, they didn’t like each other.

Demon Welch’s parents are actor James Westley Welch and actress, director, producer, and icon Raquel Welch. Raquel passed away on February 15, 2023. She was 82 years old.

Demon Welch is a well-known actor in his own right. He came into the world on November 6, 1959, in San Diego, California. His older brother’s name is Tahnee Welch.

The actor is in the movies The Day the Earth Got High (1979), Raquel: Perfect Beauty and Fitness (1984), and Intimate Portrait (1990).

Damon is a good actor and knows a lot about computers and has worked as a computer consultant. He went to Boston University and got a degree in Communication.

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Damon Welch’s Wife, Rebecca Trueman Bio

In June 1990, Damon Welch married Rebecca Trueman. They were married for over two years before they split up in 1992.

Rebecca’s parents are Fred Trueman, an English cricket player in the past, and his wife, Enid. Karen and Rodney Trueman are her two brothers and sisters. The year she was born is 1965.

Damon and Rebecca got married in Los Angeles in front of two people. Even though neither of their parents had met the others, they got married again in front of all of their family and friends.

At the Yorkshire wedding, the newlyweds and their families were blessed. During that wedding, Rebecca and Raquel started to fight with each other.

Raquel looked great in a beautiful black dress at her son’s wedding. Many people were confused because it looked like she had forgotten about the young couple.

Rebecca said it didn’t bother her, but her relatives were upset by how her in-laws acted.

Rebecca said that my mother was having trouble. Mom might have thought that Demon and I should be getting more attention than we were.

The couple broke up after 15 months, and Fred made a joke about it by saying, “That marriage didn’t last as long as my run-up.”

After they broke up, Rebecca married Welborn Ferrence in 1998. He was a film producer and editor. Rebecca has worked as a stylist even though she lives in Los Angeles.

Damon Welch’s Wife Rebecca Trueman Age Gap And Kids

Damon welch Wife
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When Damon was 31, he married Rebecca, only 25 years old. The difference between their ages was 6 years.

Unfortunately, they never had children. The couple’s happy marriage ended in tragedy.

Tema, her daughter, is 15, and Luke, her son, is 21. Welborn and Rebecca are still with each other and are happy.

Even though she got out of her first marriage, the scandal hasn’t gone away since then. She even had to say something to make things right again.

Rebecca said, “If we could see each other again, I would want to give her a hug and wish her the best.”

On the other hand, Damon never had any kids and never got married again. He was said to have dated a few actresses at the time, but none of them were serious.

Rebecca and Damon were no longer together, and they stopped talking to each other. Rebecca is 58 years old and has retired. She has had a peaceful and happy life.

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