Details On Constance Marten’s Boyfriend Mark Gordan, Children And Case Explained

Constance Marten

Police in the area has already started an urgent search because Constance Marten’s infant is still missing. 

The baby was a newborn who had not received medical attention since birth. Therefore, his absence drew the public’s attention. An affluent family with ties to the royal family raised Constance Marten in Dorset’s Crichel House.

Her birth year is 1987. Her grandmother allegedly played with Princess Margaret, and her father, Napier Marten, was Queen Elizabeth’s page.

Constance discussed her future goals while still a student at Tatler, including her ambition to get a tortoise tattoo on her foot.

And in 2016, while she was still a senior in high school, a woman from the wealthy family fell in love with the rap*st. She apparently left after having s*x with the offender, according to the reports. In addition, she built a wall between herself and her loved ones, family, and friends. 

Meet Constance Marten Boyfriend Mark Gordan

Yes, the wealthy family member had a kid with her longstanding partner Mark Gordon, who had a criminal record and had previously served time in jail in Florida in the late 1980s for rap*ng and assaulting a lady when he was just 14 years old. 

When she began taking acting classes in 2016, they had been dating. The pair reportedly cut off contact with their social network.

The mother of the lost child was about to give birth and was expecting the child as she went for a run with her partner.

As they were on the run, Marten’s father claimed that he was long aware of Gordon’s criminal record and wished for them to come forward. He is a loving parent who worries about the safety of his daughter and grandchildren.

Details On Constance Marten Children

In January 2023, the 36-year-old woman fled with her partner while she was pregnant. According to the guardian, the couple managed to escape their burning car on January 5 on the M61 near Farnworth, Bolton. On February 27, 2023, Marten and her partner Mark were discovered in Brighton.

Constance Marten

But, they did not have the baby that had just been delivered two or three days before the vehicle accident. The neighborhood police station has sent officers to quickly search the youngster as a result of the girl’s grandfather’s concerns for his granddaughter.

According to their statement, which was reported by the Daily Mail, the Metropolitan Police are concerned about the couple’s infant, who is reportedly believed to have had no medical attention since birth in early January.

Exploring Constance Marten Case

The lovers have been discovered without the child and are being detained by the local police after disappearing for a month and going without medical attention after becoming pregnant.

Yet, neither the whereabouts of the baby nor what occurred have been disclosed by the parents.

In order to ensure that the child is secure and won’t experience any medical or health issues as a result of being alive right now, the legal officers are undertaking an urgent search for the infant.

Also, the issue is made known to the locals so that the search can move along much more quickly. In order to assist in locating the youngster, authorities have also requested an investigation into the taxi divers who assisted the baby’s parents during the escape.

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