Cast Of The Assistant On Tubi: How And Where To Watch It?

Cast Of The Assistant On Tubi
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The Assistant on Tubi cast includes Erica Mena, Parker McKenna Posey, Felix Alexander, and other actors.

Chris Stokes directed and co-wrote the 2023 thriller Tubi based on the footage along with author Marques Houston.

The story’s protagonists were renowned physician Fields and her assistant Annie. She hired the person to handle her day-to-day business, and her life was permanently changed.

The assistant’s obsessional nature even threatens her life and work. It made its American debut on January 20, 2023, on a Friday.

List Of Cast Of The Assistant On Tubi

The lead actors in the Assistant Tubi cast are Erica Mena and Parker McKenna Posey. Erican portrays Raven Fields, Parker plays her assistant.

Erica Mena Plays Dr. Raven Fields

Mena plays renowned doctor Raven Fields, who hired a coworker to handle her job. Because of this, she trusted girls and thought of her as beautiful.

Sad to say, their relationship takes an unexpected turn, and because of the character’s love, she no longer exists.

In the trailer’s opening scene, the Stepmother also makes a delivery. It implies that she has had difficulty managing her job and that she needs to recruit a personal assistant to assist her.

The new employee doesn’t seem to be showing any encouraging features with her compulsive behavior. The scene gives the impression that the doctor’s life is in danger.

The actress’s powerful performance successfully portrayed the character’s stress and anxiety.

She gained fame for her role as Beverly in the thrillers produced by Tubi based on the video game “You’re Not Alone.”

Parker McKenna Plays Annie

Parker McKenna Posey played the role of Annie, who worked as renowned Dr. Fields’ assistant.

She seemed to be the young, lively woman who had really messed up the doctor’s peace of mind. She highlighted the film’s compulsive elements with her great performance.

Even the actress stated that she had a blast working with Mena and that she loved her part in the movie.

The actress has been a part of the film industry for more than 17 years. Her performances in Lucky Girl, 90 Minutes of the Fever, and Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends have made her well-known. She is a curator, designer, and philanthropist in addition to being an actress.

Flex Alexander Plays Shawn Fields

Alexander portrayed Raven’s husband Shawn Fields in the movie. The attractive couple started having marital issues after the character’s attended entrance.

His performances in The Hills Have Eyes 2, One on One, and Snakes on a Plane have earned him recognition. He has appeared in numerous shows, including Kenan, American Gangster: Trap Queens, and The Family Business.

Erica Hubbard Plays Tiyana

Hubbard portrayed Tiyana in the movie. She appeared as the companion who informed the Raven of the new helper.

The actor began her career in the film industry in 1988 with voice-overs. She worked on In the Shadows, Hude Park, My Perfect Wedding, and other projects. Her role as Nicki Jamison in the upcoming television movie Giving Her Away was another commitment.

How And Where To Watch The Assistant?

On Tubi, there is a free, ad-free streaming option for The Assistant. With this software, which streams videos without a credit card or a membership, you can watch movies and TV shows on the channel for free.

It has kept the service free and legal by including other studios’ adverts. The program allowed users to access video content from a number of outlets, including Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM, and others.

Devices that support the service include those running Android, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Xfinity X1, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Playstation, Sony Smart TVs, and more.

The Assistant is only accessible within the United States, but you can use a VPN to access the streaming service in your nation.

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