BigXthaPlug Age, Weight, Real Name, Wikipedia, Salary, Net Worth And Instagram

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BigXthaPlug is 24 years old rapper from Texas, who is well recognized for his raspy voice and cadence.

The rapper racked up thousands of social media fans over a short period of time, as well as millions of views on streaming websites like Spotify and Youtube.

He is a talented, ambitious artist with a unique voice and sense of artistic flow. Together with his album AMAR 2023, the musician has also released a number of songs. In addition, between 2020 and 2022, the Texas vocalist released three successful EPs.

The artist achieved positive notoriety over the limited period of his career. The well-known rapper was also detained on suspicion of aggravated robbery and burglary.

The singer’s debut album reached its highest position on the Heatseekers album chart at number four. Three of his tracks from the album are Texas, Safehouse, and Rush Hour.

BigXthaPlug Age: How Old Is He?

BigXthaPlug is 24 years old. The rapper’s age has been made public by Spin magazine, but his birthdate has not been disclosed.

Rapper is a young man, but his scratchy voice gives the impression that he is older. The musician has also faced other difficulties, such as destitution and incarceration.

Before going to jail, Bigx would rob anyone carrying money or narcotics because they wouldn’t be able to report the stolen items to the police due to their fear.

The artist has also made amends for all of his transgressions. He has become more open, collected, and motivated to focus all of his efforts on developing his rap career.

How Much Does BigXthaPlug Weighs?

Source: Instagram

BigXthaPlug is obviously overweight, even if his weight hasn’t been made public.

Bigx appears to have a body fat percentage between 20 and 30 percent. An unsuitable body fat percentage can contribute to a number of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Despite his weight, the musician is adored by his fans, and he does seem eager to pursue a physically, intellectually, and spiritually healthy life.

The Texas rapper, who missed his son’s birthday while doing time in prison, appears to regret his decision and makes a commitment to change in order to be a better father.

What Is The Real Name Of BigXthaPlug ?

The real name of Bigx is Dwade. The artist himself revealed his name on January 21, 2022, while promoting his show on Instagram.

But, the musician hasn’t yet disclosed his last name, and it doesn’t seem as though he has informed the media either.

The musician currently has one album and three EPs available. On the Billboards, his album AMAR 2023 was listed in fourth place. Similar to this, over 43 million people have viewed the singer’s songs on his YouTube channel.

BigXthaPlug’s Wikipedia Explored

BigXthaPlug does not have a Wikipedia page. Dallas-born rapper is well-known for his luxurious lifestyle and late-night parties.

The artist plans his trip to coincide with his shows, tours, and other activities. Bigx was also spotted at the Los Angeles rap concert. He was seen performing and having a good time with his friends during the concert.

The rapper just announced his Glockoma 2023 tour, which will take him to Chicago, Queens, Houston, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, among other places.

BigXthaPlug’s Salary And Net Worth

BigXthaPlug’s estimated net worth is $126,000. Bigx acquired his money through his gigs and 43 million Youtube views additionally the artist has a stream of income like as club performances and tours.

Furthermore, the musician is likely worth more than $126k given that he also earns money from album sales. In the Billboard charts, the vocalist’s album peaked at number four.

Due to his reputation for leading an opulent lifestyle, the Texas rapper appeared to be in good financial position despite being charged with burglary and serving time in jail.

Instagram Account Of BigXthaPlug

With roughly 158k followers on Instagram, the rapper has a great following. Additionally has 2.3 million Spotify subscribers.

The performer’s loyal fan base continually backs his efforts to promote his songs and give live performances while on tour. In just two weeks, he sold one million copies of the song Texas.

The official music video is available on the artist’s Bigxthaplug YouTube account, with over 100k subscribers.

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