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Photo Collage
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Photo collage can be made to celebrate events, display travels, or serve as a source of lighthearted entertainment.

There’s no point in posting just one photo to social media when there are so many photo collage apps.

You should use one of the numerous excellent free collage-making programs available here instead, like PicsArt, picture collage, or any of the others.

More photo editing applications don’t necessarily mean more clarity for users trying to decide which is best.

Check out these top 10 free iOS and Android photo collage apps:


You may make considerable modifications to your images in a short time using the piZap picture editor. The app may be downloaded from the Google Play store at no cost.

Excellent photo editings features, such as simple and outstanding filters, thousands of stickers, and the ability to add text to photographs using photo borders and frame facilities, are all available in piZap.

As a bonus, it has painting tools and is one of the best free collage apps for creating collages and editing photos with funny stickers. There have been more than 10 million downloads of the piZap app from the Google Play store.

It’s the equivalent of purchasing a picture editor, meme maker, design suite, and collage maker all in one handy bundle. The integrated sharing feature makes it simple to distribute your works on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Available Onios And Android


The most recent update improves the previous version’s dynamic video collage creation capabilities by including a slideshow effect.

Users can choose to incorporate their unique musical elements into their collages. It may also make video montages complete with transitions and music.

Available Onios And Android

8.Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express, as claimed by Perfect Corp., is the best app for creating professional-grade collages.

Photoshop Express’s photo editing features include filters, enhancing tools, collage-making, and bespoke image design. You can also post videos and photographs if that’s more to your liking. Try it out for yourself to witness the plethora of enhancements for yourself.

Available Onios And Android


Pixlr is an excellent photo editor for creating collages with personalized borders. So far, fifty million people have downloaded the updated software.

You can quickly and easily create a collage using the program’s many premade templates, grid patterns, scalable aspect ratios, fonts, and backdrops.

Auto Fix quickly adjusts your photos’ color saturation, contrast, and brightness with only a single click. Double-exposure photography makes it simple to stack many layers and play with transparency to achieve extraordinary results.

Available Onios And Android

6.Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a popular mobile app for making stunning video collages and compositions from photos and short clips.

Most college programs available now naturally focus on photographs. With all of PhotoGrid’s incredible tools, making a video collage has never been easier.

After combining photographs and motion pictures, your collages open up new creative possibilities.

See below for a detailed description of all the many kinds of editing that may be done with the Photo Grid program.

Use one of the numerous available apps to quickly and effortlessly create stunning photo collages at no cost.

Available On ios And Android


In terms of features, the MOLDIV image editor has everything a photographer might want.

Professionals here have earned the satisfaction of both newcomers and established stars. It provides all the beautiful effects and layouts that a collage artist wants, whether for a frame, collage, or magazine feature that gives the most exciting story-telling.

This software allows you to take stunning selfies. The business community is the primary target audience for several of its features, including magazine and collage-making tools.

  • 194 These filters, which cover the 13 most popular categories among photographers, are sure to suit both beginners and seasoned pros.
  • In analog photography, the film is used.
  • Variations in light and atmosphere are subtly revealed via the textures.
  • This text editor is top-notch, with options for more than a hundred different typefaces and other sophisticated tools for editing.
  • The app has 560 stickers and 90 wallpapers to choose from.
  • Square collages for Instagram
  • Up to nine individual images can be combined into a single picture.
  • Glasses in 194 distinct styles.
  • In Free Style & Stitch mode, you can arrange and decorate your photos however you choose.
  • The proportions of the collage can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • A stockpile of imaginative tools
  • Available for Both Android and iOS
Available On ios And Android


Because of how simple it is, you can kick back and enjoy turning your collection into works of art. Card templates, photo frames, and story layouts can be found for little to no cost online and used to have a virtual party.

The primary advantages of PicCollage are:

The free starter set has a lot of fun new stickers that you may use in your following collage.

  • With this updated version, you can give your collage a breathtaking snowflake look as it slowly falls.
  • When creating a collage, it’s helpful to have some extra pages. Exporting the entire site as a single video can get some significant effects. You may stop guessing and start finding out what occurs by trying it out on your own.
  • Select from several ready-made templates and add some movement to your collages using gif animations.
  • With the blank canvas option, you have complete creative freedom to modify your images in any way you see fit by adding filters, overlays, texts, animations, or whatever else strikes your fancy.
  • Premade grids and layouts make it easy to arrange your photo collection quickly.
  • If you want your photo collages to stand out from the crowd, PicCollage is the best program to utilize.
  • Users get access to hundreds of one-of-a-kind stickers and backgrounds thanks to collaborations with artists and illustrators worldwide.
  • There are free downloads available for both iOS and Android.
Available Onios And Android


Picsart is the best photo editor available because it’s stylish and practical.

Use one of the many filters to give your images and movies a one-of-a-kind appearance, add effects, alter the layout, or even make yourself look like a cartoon.

Some of Picsart’s many valuable features are listed below.

Picture and video editing filters.
This flexible collage maker allows you to create photo grid collages, freestyle collages, scrapbooks, and picture frames.
To make your jokes popular among your friends, use our meme generator.

  • Using a premade Instagram Story template and the Instagram Story Maker is a surefire way to up your game.
  • We’ve manufactured over 60 million custom stickers at no charge.
  • Modifications for Adobe Photoshop, digital painting programs, and photo editing programs.
  • Both the Android and iOS platforms are fully supported.
Available Onios And Android

2.Layout From Instagram

The app’s built-in Collage tool is unrivaled when creating collages for use in Instagram posts.

Some of the more notable ones are as follows:

  • Collages can contain as few as one images or as many as nine.
  • To locate photographs that involve individuals, click the Faces button.
  • During the action, Photo Booth captures genuine, candid photos.
  • Quickly and easily share screenshots on social media.
  • Only the finest 30 images uploaded in the last 30 days are displayed in the most recent tabs.
  • After downloading, you may immediately start working on your design or collage. You don’t have to sign up for anything, and there isn’t any bloat here to waste your time.
Available Onios And Android

1.YouCam Perfect

More than 100 million users have downloaded and utilized the YouCam Perfect Photo Editing and collage-making app due to its valuable features, such as body toner, frames, magic brushes, and engaging templates.

I’m intrigued by the brand-new stuff. All right, let’s check it out.

  • Some interesting new features include the option to edit your selfies.
  • YouCam Perfect’s 30 newly additional typefaces for the holidays will help you create the best holiday edits ever. I’ve provided you with a full sampler.
  • Make your adjustments more holiday-themed using one of the many Christmas-themed tools available.
  • An image editor that lets you delete irrelevant backgrounds.
  • There are also several animated features to choose from.
  • There are plenty of download links for both Android and iOS.
Available Onios And Android

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