Is Bea Alonzo Dating Dominic Roque? Her Age, Dating Life And Instagram

Bea Alonzo
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Dominic Roque, a Filipino actor and model, is Bea Alonzo’s boyfriend. Filipino actor and model Alonzo. Phylbert Angelli Ranollo Fagestrom is her full name.

Her roles aided her early acting career in films like Now that I Have You and Dreamboy. She started her television career around the same time with the series Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, It Might Be You, and ASAP.

The remake of the American sitcom “I Love Betty La Fea,” which enabled the actress to gain recognition and land the lead part, allowed her to continue playing significant roles in her projects.

With a series of movies and TV shows, including the well-known “Sana Bukas pa ang Kaha,” her career continued to skyrocket. For her work over the years, she has won countless honours and been nominated for many more.

In 2008, Bea debuted her music album “The Real Me,” which greatly impacted the music business.

Is Bea Alonzo Dating Dominic Roque?

Dominic Roque, an actor, model, and YouTuber, is Bea Alonzo’s boyfriend. In 2021, they received approval as a couple.

Dominic Roque, an actor and model, was born in the Philippines. The majority of his fame came from his work on the television shows Aryana and May Isang Pangarap.

She shared a picture of the two enjoying fun with friends at Yosemite National Park in California in 2021 in response to rumours that the two were dating. Instead of writing a caption, she just used the heart emoji.

In addition, Dominic shared a photo of himself and his friends camping. In the photo, Bea is seen hugging Dominic from behind.

What Is The Age Of Bea Alonzo? Her Dating Life

According to several press sources, she has also been in a committed relationship for a long time with actor Zanjoe Marudo. The pair shared a home from 2010 till 2016.

She started dating Dominic Roque, a Filipino actor and model, in January 2021.

Bea Alonzo was born to a British father and a Filipino mother in Rizal, Philippines, on October 17, 1987. When she was 4 years old, she saw her parents get divorced.

The three women that raised her throughout her youth were her mother, grandmother, and aunt. James Carlos is the sole child of Mary Anne Ranollo; she is her only child.

Roque, the actress’s current boyfriend, was born on July 20, 1990, and was raised in the Philippine region of Cavite.

He is the nephew of the actress Beth Tamay and the son of a businessman. The actress’s boyfriend is three years older than she is.

Detail On The Instagram Account Of Byrd Alonzo

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On Instagram, the Filipino actress has 11.2 million followers. Her blog posts are primarily about her job and daily activities.

She also has a 3 million-subscriber YouTube channel. Her estimated net worth is $6 million, according to some reports.

She is in love with someone with 2.6 million followers on Instagram and 118k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Archie Ilagan, the girl’s talent manager, decided to develop her acting skills when she was 13 years old. Her own acting talent was beginning to emerge. She joined the 2000 ABS-CBN Star Circle Batch right away.

According to Bea’s grandmother, beauty pageants would have provided her the best foundation for an entertainment career.

She was eventually selected to play a supporting role in the television series “K2Bu” after undergoing months of auditions.

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