BBC: Ben Thompson Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend Andy Roche, Salary And Net Worth

BBC: Ben Thompson Wikipedia
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Ben Thompson has covered stories for the BBC in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

In 2001, Ben began working for the BBC at Radio Wales in Cardiff. While still a college student, he founded the BBC’s Good Morning Wales morning news program.

After being chosen for the BCC Trainee Scheme, Ben worked in many different parts of the newsroom and became skilled in every aspect of news television.

Due to his knowledge, he has conducted interviews with CEOs and world leaders.

Ben is a well-known face for the BBC, and people respect him for his superb work ethic and cool manner in the newsroom. His moral qualities have become a benchmark for aspiring journalists.

BBC: Ben Thompson Wikipedia, Age And Career Details

Ben Thompson was born in Burnley, England, on August 12, 1981. The 41-year-old journalist is highly known for his extensive career.

He pursued his undergraduate studies at Cardiff University. He later moved from Wales to London after receiving degrees in French and International Business as well as a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

For BBC News 24, BBC World, and BBC International, he was a Business Producer. He got the opportunity to speak about the impacts of international trade and the inner workings of the economic system on the lives of the people there.

He transitioned to the front lines while serving as the BBC’s Middle East Business Correspondent in 2008. He made numerous stops while traveling through the Middle East, including Kuwait, the UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar.

He discussed complex issues relating to the Middle East, including the Dubai Financial Crisis, the developing Syrian conflict, the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and so forth.

He went back to London in 2011 to work as a producer for BBC Breakfast. He hosted the morning breakfast show and the evening Economic Briefing. He gave his audience information on the situation of the global economy.

In the end, he moved to Unprecedented York, where he rose to new heights. He was employed as a North American business correspondent. He offered real-time reporting from Wall Street every morning.

BBC: Ben Thompson Wikipedia

He interviewed business titans, inventive entrepreneurs, and executives from the New York Stock Exchange in the center of global finance.

People began to appreciate Ben’s work ethic more when he covered Hurricane Sandy. As the city of New York was being evacuated, Ben ran in the direction of the BBC studio.

He reported on the entire piece for BBC radio and TV for two days. He slept the entire time in the office while going without water or electricity for days. He also investigated the inner workings of the US economy and covered the US Election.

He co-hosts BBC Live, presents BBC Breakfast, and makes appearances on various BBC News and BBC World News programs now that he is back in the UK.

Ben enjoys theater, music, and travel. In his free time, he also practices photography.

About Ben Thompson Boyfriend Andy Roche

Ben Thompson and Andy Roche are a couple. He’s been dating his lover since 2011, and they both identify as homosexual.

The couple routinely shares pictures of themselves together and is open and honest about their relationship. The two enjoy reminiscing about their passionate journey.

Despite Ben and Andy dating for 12 years, the relationship has never been discussed on a BBC program.

Together, they moved to London after working in the Center East for a while. Currently, the team is handling multiple projects. While Ben is working on the BBC Breakfast, Andy is leaving to begin work on the web series for Disney+.

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Ben Thompson Salary And Net Worth

The estimated range of Ben Thompson’s wealth in US dollars is 500,000 to 1,000,000. An average BBC news anchor makes $45,000 per year.

Ben earns over $44,000 USD per year as a result of his several roles on the BBC network. Despite the company’s policy of keeping employee salaries private, we can presume that recognized news analysts like Ben receive a higher salary.

Given that he risked his life for his reporting and the benefit of his audience, Ben is among the best journalists in the world, and we can expect more exploits and success from him in the future.

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