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Aubrey Marcus
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Aubrey Marcus has a staggering net worth of $20 million. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is currently hosted by Marcus, who also developed Onnit.

Marcus is a US businessman and podcaster living in Austin, Texas. He is the CEO of Onnit, the business he created.

He has assisted Onnit, a business that supports optimal human performance, in becoming one of the most rapidly expanding businesses in the country.

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, which he presently hosts and has collected over 10 million iTunes downloads, provides an exciting forum for discussions with the most knowledgeable people in business, science, relationships, and spirituality.

He routinely contributes to magazines and websites like Forbes, The Doctors, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Entrepreneur. He founded the Go For Your Win life counseling program and appeared on Men’s Health’s cover.

Aubrey Marcus Earning And Salary

According to estimates, Aubrey’s monthly income ranges from $690 to $11,000. According to Social Blade, his annual pay varied from $8,300 to $132,000.

His business, Onnit, is worth more than $28 million. Before starting Onnit, Aubrey managed a small marketing business with a select group of clients. Toys turned out to be his main market, and he found he could sell them quickly.

He was motivated by his experience as a multisport athlete. He desired to launch a company that would help clients realize their fullest human potential. The Alpha Brain, their first lucrative product, was revealed in 2011.

He started the business in 2010 to sell vitamins. Bode Miller, a close friend and Olympic skier, gave him his first $100,000. The majority of Aubrey’s time was spent attempting to market supplements.

However, he invested the last $20,000 he had on Alpha Brain, and it vanished in less than a day. In just five years, Aubrey has grown Onnit into a $28 million Inc. 500 company with over 180 employees.

In Austin, Texas, there is also an Onnit Cafe and an Onnit Gym. Swan Yoga, which has four locations across Texas and has been crowned Austin’s Best Yoga four times, is also owned by them.

The Onnit school charges between $600 and $1000 for a two-day session and offers credentials in a range of fitness-related courses.

Is Aubrey Marcus An American Podcaster?

Another source of revenue is the inspirational podcast by Aubrey Marcus. It has been downloaded from iTunes by more than 25 million users, and another million are downloading it right now.

Aubrey talks about various topics, such as science, sports, and personal relationships. They appear frequently.

According to his podcast page, the main subjects they cover include how to discover our mission, comprehend who we are, laugh more, and improve as humans.

  • These are his most recent podcasts:
  1. Dr. Geoff Goddu talks about time travel in his explanation of how to make decisions.
  2. With Paul Selig, I received guidance for this transformative period.
  3. Mark Gober experienced a terrific reset, followed by a huge awakening.
  4. With Biet Simkin, enlightenment became more attainable.
  5. Ed Dowd and The Crisis of Sudden Deaths
  6. Graham Hancock’s book, The Mapping of the Spirit and Our Prehistoric History
  7. Kyle Kingsbury, Caitlyn Howe, and Erick Godsey perform the song of one’s tribe, mankind, and the cosmos.
  8. On February 1st, 2023, Aubrey released his most recent podcast, “How to figure out, including Time Travel with Dr. Geoff Goddu,” in which he chatted with the University of Richmond philosopher Dr. Geoff Goddu.

One of these less well-known sciences that can be utilized to support conclusions drawn from the agreement of the assumptions is an ample reason.

They discuss a variety of topics in this episode, including the age-old debate over whether the chicken or the egg came first, as well as the validity of the time travel hypothesis.

Aubrey and Biet Simkin met on January 11th, 2023, and discussed the many historical and contemporary schools of thought on civilization. Since then, Biet has developed an original, simple strategy for establishing and maintaining enlightened circumstances.

Russell Brand, a best-selling author and performer who teaches practical applications of traditional spiritual ideas, is one of Biet’s many well-known students.

Based on practices borrowed from Gurdjieff’s rather challenging 4th Way teachings as well as a career of spiritual study spanning numerous practices, she has simplified, altered, and distilled her model.

In addition to his own podcast, Aubrey has also been a guest on a number of interesting ones, such as the Tim Ferriss Show and the Joe Rogan Experience.

It is a motivational book that discusses how to improve your life and was published by HarperCollins. Committing to one action for 30 days is a common theme in transformative programs.

In her book, Aubrey emphasizes the importance of sharing your experiences after just one day of doing so. You can do it slowly, even an hour at a time. Because of its distinctive style, many readers appreciate his book.

In addition to hosting the spiritual show Fit For Service Mastermind, he has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health. Regular contributor to publications including The Doctors, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Aubrey Marcus’s Net Worth And Profession

Aubrey Marcus estimated net worth is $20 million. His writing and experiments are where he makes the most of his money.

The New York Times recognized Aubrey as the Best Selling Author for his book Own The Day, Own Your Life, which has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, including Men’s Health.

He earned a BA in philosophy from the University of Richmond. He assumed the position of CEO of Onnit in April 2010.

The disruptive brand Onnit was created with the idea of whole human optimization, which emphasizes overall wellness. Thanks to innovations that have improved the lives of millions of people worldwide, including many of the best professional athletes, the company has maintained its position as an industry leader.

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, which Aubrey hosts and has more than 50 million listens, features interviews with the brightest minds in business, philosophy, sports, and spirituality.

A handful of the documentaries he has contributed include Awake in the Darkness, Dragon of the Jungle, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma. He established the charitable coaching platform Fit For Service, which most recently hosted the inspiring music event Arkadia.

To further his mission of fostering a better knowledge of psychedelic drugs among the general public, he has made large donations to and the Heffter Institute. He resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife Vylana. He was 27 years old.

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