Ashley Freeland Career At The Chicago Bears, Dating Life And Married Life With Ashley

Ashley Freeland
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Kyle Freeland’s wife, Ashley Freeland, is also a former athlete. Nine years have passed since Ashley and Kyle started dating.

Ashley, who now works for the Chicago Bears, still values fitness even though she gave up soccer before starting college. Ashley has previously completed marathons and she and Kyle are co-parents of two kids.

Well, Benny and Kona are two fuzzy offspring, a golden retriever. In 2013, Kyle and Ashley started dating; eight years later, in 2021, they were married.

Pitcher Freeland for the Colorado Rockies is looking to regain his 2018 form, much like Lucas Giolito. The 29-year-old and Milkes Mikolas and Lance Lynn will represent Team USA at the WBC.

Ashley Freeland Career At The Chicago Bears

The wife of NFL player Kyle Freeland, Ashley Freeland, works seasonally in community relations for the Chicago Bears.

Ashley Chrisman played soccer in high school using her maiden name. Ashley is a graduate of the University of Evansville and the owner of the beloved cats Benny and Kona.

Despite her best efforts to duplicate her soccer success at Evansville, Ashley only played in one game and earned a degree in sports management. At Chelsea High School, Ashley led her team to a sectional championship in 2010 and a state semifinal trip in 2009.

Ashley worked closely with the men’s, women’s, and softball teams at Evansville even though she was unable to participate on the soccer squad. As one of the sports department’s interns, she helped with the game’s social media aspects.

After graduating in 2015, Ashley has worked for the Chicago Bears for the past seven years. Ashley started working for the Bears in 2015 as an intern in events and entertainment. Because to her stage presence, she quickly moved up the corporate ladder to become a seasonal employee in community relations.

Ashley discovered her passion for creating drinks as the world came to a standstill in 2020 and people started looking for new hobbies like gardening and baking.

She shared a few drink recipes on her Instagram page throughout the month of May. In order to keep her cocktail segment going, many of her friends left encouraging words in the comments section.

She wrote one of her last articles in May 2020, capping it up with a Don Freeland Mojito. Since then, Ashley has frequently shared affectionate pictures of Kyle with her followers.

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Dating Life Of Ashley Freeland

In December 2021, Ashley and Kyle Freeland exchanged vows at the Sunset Key resort. Their romance has started in 2013.

In one of her Instagram posts from 2022, Ashley talked about her and Kyle’s experience after the baseball star agreed to a five-year contract with the Rockies.

In the lengthy tribute message, Ashley emphasized her love for her boyfriend and assured the Rockie fan that the Freelands will continue to exist.

Despite possibly starting their relationship in 2013, they didn’t officially join Instagram until one year later. Ashley shared a picture of herself at a Kyle Asheville Tourists game after the Rockies selected Kyle in the 2014 amateur draft.

The Michigan native continued to attend her boyfriend’s games in an effort to maintain their distant connection. Kyle would occasionally visit Ashley and Kona, although his visits were usually brief.

2017 saw the arrival of the couple’s most awaited day as their love stood the test of time. On April 7, 2017, Kyle made his Major League Baseball debut for the Rockies as Ashley sent a sentimental tribute in honor of her partner.

Although not married or parents yet, Ashley and Kyle immediately showed Kona that they were loving parents. They found the ultimate canine friend for their fluffy golden retriever in 2017.

2018 was started off fresh by the baseball couple by bringing home Benny, another furry child. The two dogs had previously taken over the couple’s Instagram account. The surgery on Benny went well, and Kona, their golden retriever, recently beat cancer.

Benny and Kona enjoy traveling just like their parents do. In 2021, the Freeland family conducted a photo shoot in Imperial Sand Dunes, which resembled a scenario from a movie.

Before Kyle appeared clutching a ring in his hand, Ashley and Kyle dressed as Velma and Shaggy from Scooby Doo for their final Halloween as a couple.

A month later, Ashley was surprised when Kyle got down on one knee and asked her to marry him while they were on vacation in Mexico. The pitcher asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him on the beach in Las Cabos. Then, for a special photo shoot, their friends showed up.

Ashley Freelan Married Life

On December 11, 2021, Ashley and Kyle exchange vows at the posh Florida hotel Sunset Key.

Yet, before starting their new life chapter, the couple participated in a few pre-wedding events.

Before arriving a week early at their wedding venue, the couple spent a few days at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort. They spent time at the resort taking selfies with sting rays, which were kind enough to kiss Ashley. They also played with other aquatic critters.

The wedding ceremony would not have been complete without Kona and Benny. After their wedding, Ashley and Kyle were seen in a photo strolling Benny and Kona through Florida beaches.

Ashley posted a few pictures from the couple’s vacation to the Bora Bora resort, where they had just visited their wedding venue to mark Valentine’s Day.

During their first wedding anniversary in December 2022, Ashley shared a video from their wedding ceremony. The pitcher can be seen sobbing in the video when he first sees Ashley in her wedding gown.

The pitcher will have more assistance than ever in 2023. Although 2022 wasn’t the finest year for left-handers, Ashley and Kyle will wish for good fortune in the future.

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