Anita Manning New Hairstyle, Wig, Clothing And New Look

Anita Manning
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Anita Manning does not wear a wig on Bargain Hunt. Anita has changed her appearance by getting a haircut and dying her hair grey.

No Briton has heard of Chelsea Manning by now; she has been a regular on British television since 2010. Her stylish attire and trendy haircuts were much liked.

In addition to her fashion sense, she also brings some very tasteful antiques. She set a new record when she sold a Buddha statue she purchased in 2016 on the Antiques Road Trip for a huge profit.

The antiquarian’s interest in antiques dates back to when her father took her to auctions. As a result, she made the choice, back in the 1970s, to work in the antiques trade. She used to educate and then become a buyer before she got married.

The auctioneer finally appeared on BBC Bargain Hunt on February 6, 2023. When the host unexpectedly appeared with a new hairstyle, fans were inquisitive about her.

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What About Anita Manning’s New Hairstyle?

Anita Manning is balding naturally, she isn’t wearing a wig. Manning gave her a haircut and greyed out her hair.

It wasn’t until 2014 that rumors began circulating that her wigs were fake during her several appearances on the BBC show Bargain Hunt.

People have speculated that the auctioneer wears a wig for the past decade because she hasn’t changed her haircut.

These allegations were shot down by those who saw a color difference in her hair. After watching her blow her hair on the Antiques Roadshow, several of her fans admitted they were wrong about her.

According to Agus’s post on the Gransnet message boards, they have met several times at the auctioneer’s Glasgow location. He stated unequivocally that Scotland’s pioneering auctioneer woman did not sport a toupee.

Some people regard her hair as a cultural symbol. People would often refer to her as the “bird woman” because of her distinctive hairstyle. Fans sporting wigs show their support by drawing parallels to Manning. Her hair isn’t the only thing they like about her; her accent and sense of fashion are too.

Some others thought she was wearing a wig since her hair never changed position, looked fake, and was too dark for her age. Some people said that the color of her hair wig was off.

Her naturally layered, black, and fluffy hair had led many to feel she should stick to a lighter hair color.

She has made a change to her appearance by sporting a new style for her grey hair. A few people have started to wonder what happened to her hair, as opposed to before when they just assumed it was a wig.

Manning finally returns to BBC Bargain Hunt in a Scottish tournament. Her followers are overjoyed to see her return on screen and even more pleased with her new look.

Her devoted audience unanimously agreed that she looked stunning in her new attire.

Anita Manning Wig, Clothing And New Look

The antiques expert usually dresses fashionably for her appearances on the show Bargain Hunt, Flog It!

She emerged from the bushes with her hair cut short and her glasses in tow. Her admirers fawned over her gorgeous appearance in her elaborate clothes. She was poised and self-assured in the show.

On the other hand, she tended to repeat certain items in her wardrobe, such as scarves and plaid jackets. The famous TV hostess accessorizes with chic necklaces and earrings.

She dressed the part, too, by donning a wardrobe of trendy hats in the colors of her antiques-themed wardrobe. Her refined style is a reflection of her keen eye for vintage clothing and accessories.

The public assumed she had put thought into selecting each piece of her expensive, stylish wardrobe. Others have called her a fashion icon because of her knack for mixing and matching patterns and colors.

Scottish auctioneer’s fans wanted to imitate her style but were discouraged when they discovered the high price tag.

She was sporting a necklace from Nancy’s Smile Shop, consisting of felt circles in various colors strung together on a square stainless steel chain.

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