Is Alexis Pullos Who Plays Molly Pregnant In Real Life? Know About Her Boyfriend And Net Worth

Alexis Pullos

Haley Alexis Pullos, an American actress, is a most well-known accomplishment is playing Molly Lansing-Davis in the American daytime soap series General Hospital. 

She also appears as Bella in Ashley Garcia’s Expanding Universe. On July 10, 1998, Haley Alexis Pullos was born in San Jose, California. Two brothers and two sisters share her family.

\In addition to her regular role on General Hospital, she also had appearances in the Dollhouse pilot and Young Melinda from Ghost Whisperer. She made an appearance in the “Little Tricks” Yoplait commercial in 2013. Also, she appeared in Episode 13 of Season 7 of House (“Two Tales”).

Is Alexis Pullos Who Plays Molly Pregnant In Real Life?

Alexis Pullos, who plays Molly, is rumored to be pregnant, but neither she nor anybody else has addressed it, thus the rumor is false.

Despite their best efforts, Molly is not pregnant in the GH universe, making it improbable that she will be able to conceive or give birth to a child. The character of Lexi Ainsworth as Molly’s sister Kristin Davis offers swiftly to carry Molly’s genetic DNA.

Because Kristina has a history of making snap decisions and acting hastily, Molly will be worried. She seems much better today, partly due to her success as Charlie’s bar manager, so Molly and TJ will eventually accept Kristina’s offer.


According to ‘General Hospital’ teasers for the week of February 27–March 3, Kristina will learn something unexpected. After making the finding, Molly will start to feel anxious. It seems like Molly will be concerned about Kristina’s discovery. Both parties will become entangled in one another’s issues.

Molly might lose it because the pregnancy will damage both the father’s and her professional aspirations, even if they weren’t expecting or planning to have children at the moment, according to ‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers.

Viewers will witness Kristina assisting her sister through this comparatively challenging period. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Molly and her boyfriend TJ may soon face some serious challenges.

Who Is Haley Pullos Boyfriend?

Haley maintains the privacy of her personal and romantic affairs, like many prominent people and celebrities.

Haley is single and concentrates on her work at the age of 21. Yet, the young actress had had a romantic involvement with Jimmy Deshler, her “General Hospital” co-star and coworker.

The two have published pictures of themselves together, including private ones shot in their apartment and on weekend excursions, and have been seen together at a number of occasions.

Yet, those images and the romance they portrayed are no longer present. The dates and circumstances of the two’s breakup are unknown, as well as the beginning and conclusion of their romance.

The aspiring celebrity not only used social media, particularly Instagram, to advance her career but also for personal uses. On her official Instagram page, she is followed by more than 75,000 people.

How Rich Is Haley Pullos? Her Net Worth

According to numerous web articles as of 2023, she is reportedly single and focused on her job. Jimmy Deshler, the young actress’s coworker and “General Hospital” co-star, and she once had a love relationship.

Internet sites don’t offer any additional information about Pullo and Pullo’s relationship. Sources claim that Halley Pullos’ net worth could reach $1 million by the beginning of 2020. The character of Molly Lansing Davis was created by Haley.

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