Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend, Real Name, Height, Age And Wikipedia Bio

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Since April, Joy has been dating Ako Si Dogie for more than a year, and people are interested in her.

Naser Akosi Dogie is a Filipino content creator, musician, professional gamer, YouTuber, vlogger, live streamer, tech critic, and influencer on social media.

Dogie, one of the most well-known video producers in the Philippines, is well-recognized for his participation in professional MLBB Esports and his upbeat personality.

Besides making YouTube videos, Ignacio broadcasts on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube.

Ignacio currently plays for Nexplay Evos in the Mobile Legends league.

Ignacio has garnered numerous honors throughout his career. He received the SEA Content Creator of the Year award at the SuperGamerFest Awards in December 2020.

Ignacio is an Aether Music member and a Nexplay-sponsored musician.

Who Is Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend?

April Akosi Dogie’s newest girlfriend is Joy Barrueso, also known as “AJ Gaming.” Dogie has gained notoriety for insulting and associating his current partner with his ex-girlfriend Chixmiss.

The reason for Akosi Dogie and Chixmiss’ second split is made clear. She cried uncontrollably as she narrated the dreadful events in a YouTube video.

Ilang beses di akong napagod, he added, drawing her attention. Sobra. Dogie hasn’t been around for a while.

Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend
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Since July 2021, they have seen each other. They had a child even though there are speculations that Si Dogie is not the biological father.

Dogie and Joy haven’t provided any particular information. Thus, the rumors haven’t been eliminated.

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What Is The Real Name Of Ako Si Dogie?

According to his Facebook profile, Setsuna Ignacio is Akosi Dogie’s real name. Ako stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, considered typical for men.

Akosi is a Filipino-born professional MLBB Esports player, streamer, and influencer. He is well-recognized for his charm and friendliness.

Over 10 million people follow a well-known content creator on social media. He currently uses Facebook to broadcast and uses YouTube to produce videos for his “AKOSI DOGIE” channel.

Twitchtracker.com estimates his Twitch subscriber count at 17,384. According to his Facebook profile, he hails from Antipolo, Philippines, and resides in Brussels, Belgium.

Dogie received the SuperGamerFest Awards’ SEA Content Creator of the Year prize in December 2020.

Awards for social networking, making VODs, and streaming was presented during the SuperGamerFest event.

After being chosen as the SEA Content Creator of the Year from the other category winners, Akosi Dogie received the event’s highest honor.

Professional performer Akosi and his band Aether Rift have officially signed up for the streaming service Nexplay.

Ako Si Dogie: Height, Age, Wikipedia, And Bio

On February 8, 1991, Ako Si Dogie was born, making him 32 years old. Akosi Dogie is now the 21st most popular gaming YouTube channel in the Philippines.

Even though he is famous on other platforms, he is still not mentioned on Wikipedia. Ako Si Dogie estimated height could be 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

The Philippines city of Antipolo is the ancestral home of Ignacio’s family. Ignacio was born and reared in Lyon, France, and speaks Tagalog and French easily.

On October 23, 2005, Ignacio launched the Akosi Dogie YouTube channel.

On March 7, 2017, Ignacio released his debut video on the channel after more than 12 years of dormancy. In the “OP CLINT BUILD!” video Ignacio pretended to be a V-Tuber while playing Mobile Legends, and a virtual dog took his place.

The video featured a special build for ML champion Clint and was viewed by more than 175,015 people.

With over 287 videos posted, Ignacio and his Akosi Dogie YouTube channel initially focused on Mobile Legends footage.

Ignacio initially used his Mobile Legends programming to amass a sizable audience, but when he realized his channel’s potential, he began diversifying his offerings.

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