Details On Abby Choi Murder Case, Ex-Husband And Family

Choi Cannibal

Abby Choi is a 28 year old Hong Kong model, and heiress, went missing on February 22, 2023, and her body wasn’t found until February 24, 2023, three days later. 

Recently, Abby Choi Cannibal was the topic of the majority of web queries. Famous model and influencer Choi’s headless body was found in a remote area of Hong Kong’s Tai Po neighborhood.

Abby Choi, a model with physical impairments, attempted to “stray away,” and her ex-husband was detained in Hong Kong. Three Choi family members, including her ex-husband, are accused of aiding in her slaying.

Update On Abby Choi Murder Case

Alex Kwong’s brother, and his father were all accused of murder on February 27, 2023, and his mother was suspected of tampering with the evidence.

Choi Cannibal

The more than 150 investigators sent by the Hong Kong Police to locate the seven-seater vehicle focused on the Tai Po village after analyzing the GPS data from the vehicle.

The remanding without bail on Monday of four of her ex-in-laws has drawn additional media attention to the death of Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi last week. The police discovered Choi’s severed head and some of her ribs in boiling soup on February 26, 2023.

Who Is Abby Choi Cannibal Ex-Husband?

Authorities claim that Choi, who went missing on Wednesday, was found in the Tai Po house on Friday afternoon along with a meat slicer, some clothing, and an electric saw.

While detectives look for Abby’s remaining body parts, her ex-husband, his brother, and his parents, all of whom were detained on Friday, are being kept for questioning. Anthony Kwong, their older brother, is 31, and Kwong Kau, their father, is 65. These three men are accused of killing Abby.

Authorities claim that at the beginning of February, the group rented a home in the quaint coastal village of Lung Mei Tsuen and turned it into a splatter-proof body disposal facility. Later, pieces of Choi’s body were found buried in the soup pots at this location.

Details On Abby Choi Family

The horrible killing of Choi, a kind and innocent woman, appalled and stunned her family. The horrible killing of Choi, a good and innocent woman, appalled and stunned her family.

The oldest of three girls, Abby Choi Tinfung, comes from a wealthy family that owned a construction company with operations in mainland China. She regarded herself as someone who was constantly “gathering inspiration and trying new ideas” as well as someone who enjoyed “mixing and blending diverse appearances”.

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