A Charming Valentine Cast, Release Date And Filmed Location

A Charming Valentine
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The romantic comedy A Charming Valentine cast includes Tanisha Thammavongsa, Chad Connell, and Carolina Bartczak. The movie will be released on February 11, 2023.

John Bradshaw is back and ready to amaze audiences with another romantic story with a splash of humour.

The movie’s lead character is a woman by the name of Lillian, who turns a failing start-up into a prosperous business.

The hour-and-a-half long love story has won over many hearts but is still getting bad reviews. John Bradshaw, the movie’s director, has worked in a number of film genres.

He works on feature films including The Mist, Hotbox, and Syball, service productions, documentaries, and other projects.

The director has more than 70 credits in the entertainment industry and is recognized by the well-known website Variety. His works have been nominated for prizes such as the Best DGC MOW and the History Makers Award.

A Charming Valentine Cast:

The major characters in A Charming Valentine are played by Tanisha Thammavongsa, Chad Connell, and Carolina Bartczak. The movie is a creation of GAF.

Carolina Bartczak Potrays As Lillian Walker

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Carolina Bartczak, a Polish actress, portrays Lillian Walker in this love story. Her persona serves as an example of the role of businesswomen who build small businesses into huge organizations.

In addition to landing roles in various movies and television shows, she started performing in 2012. Her portrayal of Magneto’s wife in X-Men: Apocalypse was her most well-liked performance.

She has been in a lot of movies and television shows since then. She also made an appearance in Moonfall, a popular movie.

Chad Connell Potrays As Grant Fletcher

Source: Instagram

Ottawa is where Canadian actor Chad was born. He became well-known thanks to his portrayal of Del MacAllen in the movie A Christmas in Grand Valley.

Early performances on stage began the actor’s career.

Oliver was just eleven years old when he was chosen for the role in the musical production of the same name. He received a degree from Ryerson University.

Connell plays Grant Fletcher in the Valentine’s Day special movie “A wonderful Valentine.”

His imaginary cast member Grant established Love Subscription. He meets Lillian while networking for company growth and falls in love with her.

Tanisha Thammavongsa Potrays As Annie

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Tanisha is a mixed-ancestry Canadian actress and fashion designer. She was found at a dance convention while still in high school and started dancing professionally.

The actor pursued her psychology degree at the University of Toronto.

Tanisha plays the role of Annie in “A Charming Valentine.” She blatantly boasts and promotes her position in her Instagram bio.

The most recent parts played by Thammavongsa were Hayley in Twas the Night Before Christmas, Brooke Gomez in Christmas Movie Magic, and Naomi in Transplant.

Jill Frappier Potrays As Grandma Rossi

Source: dubbing.fandom

Jill is a recognized living icon in the film industry thanks to her more than a thousand stage performances across Canada.

She is the director of a theatre school that teaches acting basics to the next generation. The acting school has been running for more than 20 years.

She plays Grandma Rossi in the movie A Charming Christmas. Because of her advanced age, her admirers cannot contest that she will excel in the role of the grandma.

David Lafontaine Potrays As Bradley

David Lafontaine
Source: Imdb

For several television shows and motion pictures, David has acted in and served as executive producer.

In Designated Survivor, Witches in the Woods, and Molly’s Game, he portrayed well-known characters.

Grant’s companion is Bradley, a fictional character played by David. His varied acting and persona will wow the viewers.

A Charming Valentine Release Date And Filmed Location

The movie trailer was shown on January 30, 2023, on the Great American Family YouTube channel.

Grant discovers Lillian, a business consultant, as he strives to grow his start-up into a prosperous company.

She meets the charming owner of the company “Love Subscription” to assist him in growing his company, and they fall in love.

The story revolves around whether or not her previous heartbreaks would have an effect on her relationship with this new man as they fall in love.

As the story develops, viewers will learn more about the future of their relationship.

The movie will be broadcast on The Great American Family, a family-friendly entertainment channel created for movies. From 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST, it will air.

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